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Online Searches for Hotels in Wakanda Increase by 620% Since “Black Panther”

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It seems that the Black Panther movie has done such a good job of immersing audiences in its world that many people think it’s real.

Two hotel booking sites have revealed that site searches for the word ‘Wakanda’ – the name of the fictional African country the movie is set in – have risen dramatically.

Hotelscan.com reported that the number of people landing on its Wisconsin Wakanda Water Park page is up by 620 per cent and Hotels.com reported that searches for neighbouring Wakanda Park are up by 55 per cent year on year.

A spokesperson for hotelscan.com commented: ‘The fact we’ve seen such an increase in the number of site visits to the Wakanda Water Park destination page on our website since the launch of Black Panther suggests that, until people visit our website searching for trips, they’re not aware it’s a fictional destination.

‘Either that, or people are more interested than ever in attending the Water Park, but we think that the movie has something to do with it!’

Hotels.com, meanwhile, said it had spotted spikes in searches to other Wakanda namesakes around the world.

It said searches for Wauconda, Illinois (pronounced identically to Wakanda), are up more than 25 per cent and Makanda, also in Illinois, are up over 40 per cent year on year.

Further afield, Wakaya, in Fiji, are up over 235 per cent and Wakkanai in Japan is enjoying a more than 55 per cent year-on-year uplift.

Isabelle Pinson, Vice President, EMEA, at Hotels.com brand, commented: ‘Our hotel portfolio spans more than 200 counties and territories around the world but not yet Wakanda. We’re looking into it.

‘The film has touched the hearts and minds of millions of film fans around the world.

‘It’s a brilliant watch and we regularly see that pop culture inspires travel choices. We love that holidaymakers are seeking the Black Panther’s homeland, from Wisconsin to Japan. Wakanda forever!’

Hotelscan.com added that the most-searched for fictional locations on its site are Hawkins, Indiana (Stranger Things); Wakanda (Black Panther); Riverdale (Riverdale); San Junipero (Black Mirror) and Fortitude (Fortitude).


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