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Hungarian TV interviews Swedish woman who moved to Hungary

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Swedes are finally waking up and realizing that there is nothing they can do in Sweden anymore, politically and socially the territory of what is currently known as “Sweden” is lost. Even though it is dramatic that we Europeans are loosing our territories without putting up a proper fight, this isn’t really that dramatic because individual safety comes before everything else first and say what you will but Sweden is the least safest country in the EU at the moment and second Vikings have always been nomadic peoples just like the gypsies for example so leaving Sweden behind is totally justified.

As a woman and as a individual there is nothing that woman could have done to change the current situation of Sweden, her vote wouldn’t matter, so logically, what else is the best solution to do but just abandon ship and leave?

She left Sweden after she was sexually molested by a bunch of Arabs in a subway and guess what, there were plenty of Swedish “men” (cucks) in that subway train, she screamed for help yet no one helped her because they were scared they would stabbed. She managed to get away and called the police yet the police told her that they don’t have time for these things.

The woman is now living a happy normal life in Hungary where she says is the safest white country in the world. Her friends and relatives chose to move to places like USA and Australia instead because of the riches but is it really worth it the woman asks? America isn’t any different from Sweden but those people who chose America as a destination for their white flight, they will learn that the hard way. Australia on the other hand is somewhat ok, not paradise on Earth like Hungary and Poland but not hell like Sweden either.

So she moved to Hungary and she is now working there as a nurse, undoubtedly she doesn’t earn anywhere near as much as she would earn in Sweden or America but then again prices are also cheaper, so economic life tends to be somewhat the same but if you are willing to give up your safety for a bunch of Euros which you only use to buy useless earthly stuff which you don’t take with you when you die anyway, then you are mentally insane. This woman made the right choice and hopefully more white westerners will wake up and invade the Eastern part of Europe.

Even thought a population boom may be a burden over those already economically troubled nations it would also help them remain white because people who go there, would be people who oppose non-white immigration into Europe and these people by going to Eastern Europe they strengthen the already nationalist views of locals. Thus ensuring that those Eastern nations would remain white and never allow non-white immigration. The more Westerners flee to East Europe, the better, for both of them. Its a mutual benefit.

Its a strange population exchange these days, many Easterners such as Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Polish, Ukrainians, etc flee to the West in search for wealth and Westerners flee to East in search for safety and this is the perfect combination because those Easterners who flee to the West in search for money, are usually materialist liberals so this is the perfect population exchange. The West takes more liberals in, while the East takes more nationalists. The best part is that many who flee from East to the West, are even non-whites, gypsies (Indian nomads), most never go back to the East after they find it easy to rob and scam those Western liberals, so they remain there forever. Thanks to that, Eastern Europe not only gets purified politically but also racially, getting rid of all those nasty gypsy Indians. Since most of the West is already gone and on our white flight red list, this is good, let the Eastern gypsies go away into the West, and let white nationalists of the West flee to East.

Those calling thinking that this is betrayal against Sweden, I would like to ask the question what else is there to do in Sweden as a individual? SHE IS SHE, she is not a group. In Sweden there is no collective, no national identity, no nationalism, nothing so therefore you are left with yourself in total selfishness. Not that you want it that way but since no one cares about you and there is no collective thinking or national unity, you are forced into a lone-wolf type of life. If you think about it, really, Sweden is the dream country Liberalists like Sargon of Akkad talk about where individualism trumps everything else.

This is the kind of nation these individualist weirdos dream of. If you ask them however, of course they wouldn’t admit it or envision their liberalism specifically the way Sweden is now but who cares what they say? Ultimately, this is exactly what it would lead to: current day cosmopolitan SWEDEN!

But enough with the polemics, watch the video and see for yourself how bad life is in Sweden:

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