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Black SJWs meltdown on Twitter after white Nefertiti reconstruction revealed

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Nefertiti pharaoh, who is known to be one of the most beautiful and strongest women who has ever lived has finally been reconstructed using all possible data available, DNA samples, mummy facial reconstruction and the famous Berlin bust discovered in 1912.

Naturally she was a white Caucasoid woman, as her son king Tut was. According to DNA studies in fact, not only king Tut was also white but his DNA is now found in all of Europe as reported by us in 2011. Another 2010 DNA study confirms that king Tut was a white man of Caucasoid race.

Another DNA study conducted recently has shown again what we already knew from previous studies, that ancient Egypt was racially Mediterranean European such as Roman, Greek and Middle Eastern such as Persian, Assyrian and Turkic but not black African (Negroid) in any possible way. In fact they despised the black Nubians and used them as slaves. With time they granted full rights to some of those slaves and started to mix with them, shortly after that they were also invaded by the Arabs, which spelled the end of Egypt as we know it but originally ancient Egypt was mostly Caucasoid in origin.

This is exactly what is happening now in America. America is Egypt all over again. White people built and constructed this country, they invented many technologies, built skyscrapers, roads, bridges, computers and all the fine technology you enjoy, even the internet, the cell phone, the smartphone, computer, every possible thing you can imagine has been invented by white Caucasoid Americans who are Europeans.

White Americans used black slaves which were nothing more than tools for them in building this awesome civilization that America is. In time, whites granted those black slaves, freedom. Now they mix with whites and they even had a black president (Barack Obama). USA is Egypt reborn, same story, same great civilization, same fate as whites are becoming a minority and possibly even extinct in the near future, same everything.

Now imagine 4000 years from now black people claiming “WE WUZ KANGS EN SHIEEEET NIGGA!! USA was 100% black!” it has been discovered by blacks, colonized by blacks, built by blacks, owned by blacks and we have built all those fancy buildings you see there. Look we found skeletons of black people living in USA, clearly USA was black, look we found Barack Obama’s paintings and his mummified skeleton, so America was led by blacks, this is a fact, America was a black civilization.

Here’s Nefertiti’s reconstruction next to her bust. Its a perfect match! Even the skin tone. A white Caucasoid woman with tanned skin because of living in the desert.

Now naturally, since King Tut was white, what else did those black schizophrenics expect his mother to be? Of course Nefertiti was white but science doesn’t matter to those black SJW schizophrenics out there. They have their conspiracy in their tiny low IQ brains, nothing else matters to them. This is like a broken dream to them because they are really pushing hard this stupid idea that just because Egypt was geographically located in Africa, it necessarely means that it was created, owned and operated by blacks. For God’s sake when Europeans arrived in Africa they only found a bunch of baboons running around naked cannibalizing each other, they didn’t even had a single written language or discovered the wheel, yet now they claim they owned Egypt.

Lets put everything aside for a moment, F science, F biology, genetics, history, archeology, F EVERYTHING! Even if Egypt was somehow magically black (it wasn’t!) what would it even have to do with the current black schizophrenics from America or from other black African nations? Most black people living in America today originate from black slaves who were captured on Africa’s WESTERN coast, specifically places like Gambia, Senegal, Angola, Congo and Gabon. This is exactly on the opposite coast of Egypt, which is located on the North Eastern part of the African continent. And this notion of continent? Back then they wouldn’t even know what a continent was, for them it was just a piece of land. Just because they ended up living on that continent, doesn’t automatically make them black.

So what would black Gambians have to do with alleged black Egyptians??? Its like claiming all blacks living outside of Wakanda (that fictional Black Panther country) are equal to Wakandans just because they are also black, yet they don’t have their own Wakanda and they are begging to go live there. It’s like Romanians claiming they are great just because Germany is great! Its the same with those black American schizophrenics. They’re like: “Look man, Egypt wuz black and it wuz great so we iz also great because Egypt wuz great!” Uhum, sure, Romania is great because Germany is great, we get it! This is like taking credit for yourself on someone else’s success. Just because Bill Gates is white, smart and rich that makes me smart and rich as well. Such a wonderful revolutionary philosophy! Great minds like Aristotle would be shamed they didn’t had this correct thinking.

What would blacks respond to that? Well they were never asked this question but if they were, they would probably say “Yes we are related to Egypt and black Egyptians fled everywhere after the Arab invasion, including to Gambia and Senegal, therefore we are still related to Egypt.” I bet they would claim this without any fact whatsoever, they would invent it on the spot, their own fantasy about how great they are. But if they would answer that we have a reply for that too: Uhum, yeah that explains why Gambians are now beyond building pyramids, they are now curing AIDS with bananas, killing homosexuals and abducting witch doctors.

But what can you expect when blacks like The Grio are now even pushing the idea that Britain was fully black just because they found ONE SINGLE “Cheddar man” who was initially claimed it was black and later admitted by the same team that they have no idea what his skin color really was.

When they see Thutmose’s bust of Nefertiti they see a black woman, despite having no baboon lips and wide gorilla nose. They are claiming that the color faded and that the bust must have been darker. Uhum, if anything, the bust got dirtier and darker and it was originally lighter. All things that age, usually get darker not lighter… but that’s just your average black logic and intelligence. And anyway, when those Egyptian sculptors made those busts the first thing that they had in mind was how to make the busts as durable as possible not as color precise as possible. Some psycho blacks even go as far as claiming the bust is fake and reconstructed by the white devil racists. The bust is in its original state without any interventions on it, that’s why it has an eye missing and ears damaged.

You should watch this fascinating video on Nefertiti, its really a good video:

At least 900 portraits of Egyptian mummies have also been discovered throughout Egypt known as the Fayum mummy portraits. Those portraits are very detailed and have been made by Roman artists between 100BC – 300AD. Those paintings reveal that between that time period Egypt was a mixed society, containing white Caucasian people, mixed race people which looked like Turks and Arabs today and only a few blacks because by that time, black slaves were fully assimilated and mixed into the original Egyptian society which was much whiter. But even in its original state, we must understand that Egypt was never a homogeneous society, it was never fully white, nor fully black. It was a mixed society just like Babylon, a society with whites, Turkish people, Semitic people and black people. Heck, most pharaohs were even into yellow fever and had dozens of Asian (mostly Chinese) concubines. It was a messed up nation if you think about it, they were even into incest. Brother-sister marriages and polygamy was considered normal in Egypt. If you think about it, there wasn’t anything really THAT great about Egypt anyway. They were a bunch of debauched idiots who just built some freaking pyramids which do not come even close to the Roman empire, Greece or Persia. Sacred prostitution, drugs, booze, slavery, out of wedlock sex anywhere, pagan and demon warship, famine, poverty among lower classes, human sacrifice, it was all there and this is exactly what is happening to America today!

Yet on the other hand Egypt is perhaps the civilization with the biggest longevity of them all, perhaps surpassing even Persia and as disgusting as it sounds, inbreeding was what kept them going so long, not because its good, because its not, occasionally it may result in handicapped children. Birth defects don’t happen anywhere near as often as they say, with handicapped children being born out of every single incest, but it DOES happen more often than it does with couples that are unrelated.

If Egyptians hadn’t been into incest, they would have mixed themselves out of existence in less than 1000 years but at least that incest kept their race pure for thousands of years, until eventually as they moved away from incest, they started to marry other races as well. Incest was also practiced in the empires or kingdoms with the biggest longevity such as Roman empire, Greece, Babylon, Israel, China, Persia, etc. Persian Zoroastrians practice incest even to this day. Again its not a good thing, its bad, but it reduces the chance of interracial marriages in normie people who are not racially conservative. Even black African tribes practiced incest regularly, not that they had any real options to mix since they were very homogeneous but still…

The tradition of brother/sister or father/daughter marriages was mostly confined to the royalty of Egypt, at least until the Greek period. In tales from Egyptian mythology, gods marriage between brothers and sisters and fathers and daughters were common from the earliest periods and so Egyptian kings may have felt that it was a royal prerogative to do likewise. However, there are also theories that brother/sister marriages may also have strengthened the king’s claim to rule.

It was also not uncommon among common people to marry relatives. Marriage between cousins, or uncles and nieces were fairly common in Egypt prior to the Greek period. Interestingly, after the Greek arrival, one study found that 24% of marriages among common people were brother/sister relationships.

This is actually a very interesting lesson we can learn from Egypt, if a nation can be racially conscious and conservative and stay away from mixing, like Hitler’s Germany, then incest should be banned and demonized as the worst thing ever, if racial conservation is not possible on a mass scale such as in America, Sweden, UK, France, Germany, etc then perhaps we should push for the legalization of incest as it will keep families together, more bonded with each other and mixing will occur far more rarely. Countries like Hungary and Poland for example where they are conservative, they should keep incest as is, ILLEGAL! In short, in ethnostates incest should be illegal, in multicultural states, we should actually push for its legalization as it would be the only thing keeping our race alive, even though it would be a sin under Christianity, it would be the only thing preventing more mixings. Polygamy on the other hand is not even debatable… imagine as a racially conservative man how many normie women you could save. Women who could otherwise end up in the hands of non-whites as some white women mysteriously have always been attracted to blacks. But then again white men aren’t pure either, some are mysteriously attracted to Asian women…

So anyway Nefertiti’s reconstruction was made according to her mummy’s face and DNA. The Thutmose bust was not taken into consideration when reconstruction was made. Now surprise, the Thutmose bust from Berlin is as similar as possible to Nefertiti’s reconstruction as an artist of those times could do.

So anyway enjoy a few of those black schizophrenics reacting to Nefertiti reconstruction:

Umm this is just a artistic rendering on a computer but you know what? Even this artistic rendition isn’t black. Its still white. Yes skin tone is tanned due to living in Africa, in the freaking Sun everyday but she doesn’t have facial features of negroids, wide nose, big lips, etc. It is impossible to have untanned white skin like Swedes when you live in the desert, don’t you think? But blacks wouldn’t know what a tan is since they can’t tan.

But for God’s sake what can you expect from those people who claim even Cleopatra was black, which was 100% GREEK.

Yup! Jesus wuz black, Egypt wuz black, UK wuz black, USA wuz black, we wuz kangz, we wuz gods, you white devilz be livin in cavez en shiet!


“A effort to change Egypt white”…….. by whom? By those same liberals who have invaded each and every single white country with millions of immigrants? Those white supremacists like Merkel? Theresa May? Who exactly? If anything they are trying to destroy OUR history by placing blacks in white historical movies, such as Viking movies, Roman movies, etc. Why is Heimdall a negro? Yeah sure the viking negroes, we all know about them! Its a fact… they constantly attack our white culture saying that whites have no culture. Really??? Blacks have no culture, no history and no track of time. When white colonists arrived in Africa all they found was straw huts and people eating each other in cannibal tribes. So are you sure you aren’t mixing the two?

Those black simpletons look up to a pop music video by Michael Jackson where they portrayed Nefertiti as black and view it as a fact. An artistic pop music video….. as a……… fact……. Jesus Christ! We are dealing with children here! Soon they are gonna believe Wakanda is real! In fact I’m sure some already do…




There are literally thousands of such Tweets which you can find here.

These black American schizophrenics actively believe that Egypt was black and that they waz kangz and shieet! They are saying that those “white devils” are trying to “white wash” their black history. WHO? WHO exactly is trying to do that? Those totally non-racist liberals on TV who constantly attacked Trump and called him rayyysist non-stop? Are those same people pro-white now? If anything they are objectively ANTI-WHITE dirtbags and traitors to the white race. WHATEVER!

Now this Tweet is priceless:

Look at who is talking about logic, reason and science. The whole damn reconstruction was scientifically made using high tech, genetics and her own damn mummy. Her son Tut was white so logically his mother is white as well. This hypocrite talks about logic, reason and science yet he has none. He’s just a dumb child throwing a fit because things aren’t the way he wants to.

But if DNA research doesn’t do, if facial reconstructions based on its own freaking mummy doesn’t do then those Roman Paintings known as the Fayum Mummy Portraits should do just fine, if they don’t, if they still scream “we wuz kangz en igipt wuz black en shiet” then someone please lock those crazy black schizophrenics in mental institutions and have the keys thrown away.

Look at how black those Egyptians were, clearly they were 100% Negroid Africans just like the Somalis:

What would you have to say about those paintings? This should put to rest the black-Egypt myth for good but the American negro would disregard those paintings as non-existent! You can’t reason with these people, they are schizophrenics and psychopaths.

As usual white women have a genetic defect in them that makes them attracted to darker skinned men, so they mixed and mixed and mixed for thousands of years until Egypt is buh-bye, just like America is doing now. White American girls love to mix with black men, then eventually over years, buh-bye America, look at these couples here:


Look at these brothers here, clearly they had multi-racial parents:

For God’s sake this is the mummy of Ramses II, he even had blonde hair, what more do you want?? And he wasn’t the only mummy with blonde or red hair.

Then blacks look at Egyptian pyramid paintings such as this, they see Ramses and other Egyptian soldiers painted as brown and then they think they were negroid Africans, yet they fail to notice that those Egyptians were slaughtering real black Nubians who are much darker in this painting:

This are the grandparents of Akhenaten, Nefertiti’s husband. Meet Yuya and Tuya, both blondes:

Meet Queen Tiye, a ginger redhead woman, daughter of Yuya and Tuya and wife of King Amenhotep III:

As you can see here, most pharaoh mummies where white Caucasoids.

This is Maiherpri, an Egyptian noblewoman of Nubian descent, this is how a black mummy looks like:

This only confirms our theory, that white Egyptians did free the Nubian slaves, gave them rights and later even started to mix with black Nubians who in time even became nobles, this spelled the end of Egypt and this is exactly what is happening now to America and Europe. We are repeating the story of Egypt on a global scale which will spell our extinction as a people if we do not put an end to it immediately.

Yes they painted them brown on Egyptian pyramid walls but perhaps only because of materials available and time durability. When they made those paintings they weren’t thinking about precision, but they were thinking about how to make them as durable as possible throughout the ages. We have the DNA tests, we have the mummies, facts are on our side. Egypt was not a black nation. It was multi-racial society but predominantly white Caucasoid, just like how America is today.

Orthodox Christians also make all those paintings of saints black-ish and dark-ish, including Russian painters, even to this day because its their own style of painting. Blacks would look at those paintings and they would see black people everywhere but they are not, its just an art style.

Sorry for the disappointment you black SJWs but Egyptians were NOT black! Egypt was your only claim of ever having a great civilization (even though I already said that I think Egypt is overrated) and now that last claim of yours is shattered. Even if they were black (they WERE NOT!) what would some Gambians living in America now have to do with the supposed black Egyptians? What would China have to do with Japan? Just because Japan is great doesn’t necessarily makes China great by default. They are clearly different ethnic groups which would rather go to war with each other than associate with each other.

It looks like you never had a culture or a civilization, just savage jungle life. Such a sad bunch of people, trying to steal other people’s history and identity and claim it as their own… really sad and pathetic weaklings.

The ancient founding Egyptians are long gone but modern Copts are the true descendants and the closest you can get to the ancient Egyptians, even though they too have mixed with the invading Arabs, some willingly, others raped, after more than a thousand years of living under Arabic occupation and they are still slaughtered and oppressed even to this day by the occupying Arabs. They are treated like second class citizens with lesser rights and occasionally some bombs are blown inside Churches slaughtering hundreds of those poor souls.

These are the true descendants of ancient Egypt, they are not Nordics like Sweden but they are not as black as the Muslim Egyptians either, they are definitely whiter:

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    Actually the Egyptians of the Pharonic times were of the mighty Andite race, out of which arose the white race.

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