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8000 yo White European Mummies and Tombs discovered in America

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The Windover Archeological Site is an Early Archaic (6000 to 5000 BC) archaeological site where skeletal remains of 168 individuals were found buried in the peat at the bottom of the pond.

The skeletons were well preserved because of the characteristics of peat. In addition, remarkably well-preserved brain tissue has been recovered from many skulls from the site.

DNA from the brain tissue has been sequenced and the inhabitants were white Europeans who somehow went extinct. The fake news media is now falsely reporting that those mummies were “Asian migrants” despite having solid evidence that they were European Caucasoids. They are doing this because the Windover mummies are destroying the “Native Indians being here first” narrative.

The collection of human skeletal remains and artifacts recovered from Windover Pond represent among the largest finds of each type from the Archaic Period.

Archaeologists at this site were able to recover a total of 86 pieces of fabric from 37 graves.

These included seven different textile weaves, which appeared to have been used for clothing, bags, matting, and possibly blankets and ponchos.

Numerous other artifacts, such as atlatls and projectile points, were also found at Windover.

The occupants of Windover hunted animals, fished, and gathered plants. They used bottle gourds for storage, which comprise the earliest evidence for vegetable container storage discovered in North America.

Asian migrants myth debunked

You have in no way whatsoever proved they are Asian.

“…The DNA Evidence

Professor Doran dedicated 14 pages and numerous pictures, tables of his book to the methods and studies of the DNA of the Windover people. His final conclusion is:

“Since the haplogroup frequency distribution of the prehistoric Windover population is unlike that of any known surviving or prehistoric group, they may represent the only demonstrated instance of the recent extinction of a group of Native Americans with no close surviving relatives.”

And that is a very tricky sentence, spoken like a true Talmudic scholar.
However he is still calling the Bog People “Native Americans” who have no close relatives hanging around today in America. He is trying to state that members of a different race were living at Windover, he is just not allowed to use the word “race.” …”


Yes WN site but doesn’t mean they are wrong. They also state there that they controlled the pictures of the skulls.

“…Five years after finishing the excavations Doran published his book in 2002: Windover Multidisciplinary Investigations of an Early Archaic Florida Cemetery. The book is an extremely valuable detailed collection of the information recovered, printed in large format on 393 pages. However, all images are of extremely poor quality and not a single image was printed of a human skull.
In fact Doran might be the first anthropologist on this planet who managed to write a book where in the indexing the word “skull” is not present. Maybe he has some sort of deep seated childhood fear of human skulls after hearing too many pirate stories…

The Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science, Fl. – with a dedicated section to Windover – has not a single image or a fully visible human skull displayed on their website or in their exhibition. The hundreds of scientific publications contain incredible details on the cavities and condition of every single tooth of the 168 individuals recovered, images of every single tool, fabric piece, etc. but not a single image of a skull. Also the average height of the Windover population is dramatically taller than the Indian population of the area but it is difficult to get exact data…”

Seems fishy to me that they could publish a huge glossy book with pictures of every tooth yet not one damn skull. If it’s not a cover up they went to great lengths to make it look like one.

In some places people have said there were European genetic markers. A sneaky bastard could easily omit those findings and only report on the sequences that don’t match modern Europeans to pretend they don’t have any European DNA.

The ant-Whites are an evil bunch and can’t be trusted. When they withhold data as simple as pictures of the skulls then if you’re not suspicious then you have no business calling yourself an objective person.

Other quote from the article,

“…Dr. Joseph Lorenz from Coriell Institute for Medical Research was also searching hard for the DNA markers typical of “Native Americans” in the DNA samples taken from the bones of five individuals from Windover. He did not find what he was looking for but he did not stop. After comparing the Windover DNA to present European people’s he said:

“I went back to the screen and I looked at the sequences again, the first person’s DNA it looked European. When I looked at the second one it looked European. When I looked at the third, fourth and fifth it was slightly different from the first two but they looked European.”…”

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  1. Amy Lewis says:

    Solutreans from what is today France. There is much evidence of their presence in America, including digs with their distinctive style of flint-work, but just try and say anything about a pre-Clovis site to the archeological elite today. You will be squashed!

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