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Obama's historic Presidential Portrait features Sperm on his Forehead

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Obama bukkake? Racist black artist known to add semen to his paintings.

President Obama is apparently covered in sperm in his portrait by Kahinde Wiley, who is known to add semen in his paintings:

4Chan anons noticed what looks like sperm swimming on Obama’s forehead, and sure enough semen is a common motif in Wiley’s artwork.

Wiley was also accused of adding an “extra member” to Obama: a sixth finger on the president’s left hand but don’t worry, Obama loves his painting.

Look at all those presidential portraits, then look at Obama’s! He looks like a clown or something. So this is Obama’s legacy that he was scared he would loose under Donald Trump… a portrait with sperm on his face and 6 fingers done by a racist black artist.

And, as I reported on Monday, Wiley portrayed the beheading of a white girl by a black woman in a 2012 painting.

Now here’s some African “art” for you guys with white girls being beheaded by jungle peoples:

Mocking Jesus

Mocking Napoleon

And of course those long awaited beheadings…

And another one… nothing wrong here, right?

If we reverse the roles though, how does it feel?

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