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Juncker Scolded for Blurting Italian Election Comments that Triggered Stock Market Plunge

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EU Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker was told to stop passing judgement on the possible results of the upcoming Italian election after fueling losses at the Milan stock exchange with a gloomy forecast of “ungovernability” in the EU member state.

The Liberi e Uguali (LeU) party hit back at the EU Commissioner after he warned the European Union was preparing for a “worst-case scenario” after the 2018 Italian Election.

In a statement, the party said: “The alarm rings like clockwork: there’s a threat on the horizon called ungovernability.

“Juncker issued his judgement on the Italian election. Instead of blurting things out it would be best if the EU Commission President worried about the disasters that have happened during his mandate.”

Jean-Claude Juncker revealed Brussels is preparing should the Italian election result in a “non-operative” government – an outcome EU higher ups fear could destabilise the already-fragile member state.

Mr Juncker said: “The beginning of March will be a very important week in Europe: we have the results of the SPD referendum in Germany and the Italian election.

“The Italian election worries me more than the SPD vote but we have to prepare for the worst-case scenario, which would be Italy failing to form an operative government.”

He added that such a result could severely impact the European markets.

But despite his warnings about the risks of ungovernability, it was Mr Juncker’s statement which made the Italian stock exchange market fall.


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