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Jewish ADL says Nazis are taking over US College Campuses with posters

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Less than 6 months after the “Unite the Right” rally on the campus of the University of Virginia led to a man running over violent Antifa protesters with lethal results, a new report indicates that Alt-Right fliers are popping up on the grounds of more and more college campuses across the country.

Since September 1, 2016, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League has recorded 346 instances of white identity propaganda everywhere from community colleges to Ivy League schools. Fliers, stickers, banners and posters qualified as instances of propaganda.

The propaganda contain messages attacking Jews, blacks, Muslims, immigrants and the LGBT community, according to the ADL, while promoting an urgent need to save the white race from being replaced by non-white invaders.

Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia and Ohio have been the hardest hit, the ADL said January 29.

Identity Evropa, Patriot Front, Vanguard America, a group called The Right Stuff, Atomwaffen Division, the Daily Stormer and the American Renaissance were the most prolific propagandizers, according to ADL sticking posters like “its okay to be white”, forcing leftists to show how psychopathic they are by criticizing such posters, saying its NOT okay to be white… So if its not ok, then why would it be ok to be black? Or what should whites do if its not ok for them to be white? Should they suicide in mass so that browns can be happy? Who cares about their feelings? What about our feelings when they say its NOT ok to be white??

The Unite the Right group at Charlottesville, Virginia chanted slogans like “white lives matter,” “You will not replace us“, “blood and soil” and “Russia is our friend” while walking through the campus with torches to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue by the city government.

Jewish controlled fake-news media such as CNN lied that the nationalists shouted “Jews will not replace us”, when in fact all video video recordings show that they shouted “YOU” not JEWS.

Lee was the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, one of the primary armies of the secessionist Confederacy during the American Civil War and was a slave owner.

Ironically, the “patriotic” effort to uphold Lee’s legacy leaves out the fact that Lee effectively renounced his US citizenship to fight for the Confederate Army in 1861, before eventually surrendering in 1865. After the war, and until Lee died, his US citizenship was not restored.

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