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You're Not Welcome: Migrants Tell British Police To Stay Away From "Kurdish Street"

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Migrant gangsters offered police investigating “criminal behaviour on a commercial scale” bribes of up to £5,000 to stay away from their base of operations in Nottingham, telling officers it was a “Kurdish street”.

A mini market on the street with false walls, secret hiding places, and an underground “cell” where an illegal migrant was held as a kind of slave was the heart of a criminal enterprise dealing in drugs, human trafficking, and unlicensed tobacco, according to reports.

“Illicit tobacco was being used to fund criminality, primarily drug supply and human trafficking. Senior members of Kurdish organised crime have been using it to fund criminality in the Radford Road area,” said Police Constable Lee Wilson.

“A Kurdish businessman offered us £5,000 a month to cease the tobacco investigation,” he added.


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  • If Muslims hate the Kurds, then they are not all bad, but of course, there are rotten apples in any basket. Love how the Kurdish women formed their own command and started killing ISIS. That had to be the biggest embarrassment to an sock puppet of Satan, being killed by a female, lol! Some beautiful Kurdish women too! MAGA!

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