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Woman catches man cheating, mistress freezes and pretends she's a Sex Doll

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This has to be one of the funniest internet clips ever. A woman caught her boyfriend cheating with another woman, they caught them dancing together and all but they didn’t know that so when she stormed in the door, the mistress froze over and pretended she’s a robotized silicone sex doll, the problem is that they didn’t know the girlfriend saw them dancing and that there are no such advanced doll that can dance and move.

While silicone sex dolls have become more advanced and cheaper than ever they are still far from being able to dance and move.

When the couple was caught red-handed, the lover did not lose her cool, showing instead that she was an improvisational genius – and made up a brilliant excuse.

At the beginning of the clip, you see a furious woman approaching to the door, and seeing her half-naked boyfriend with another woman, who apparently had tried hard to seduce him with a dance. When she lashes out at them, asking, “what the f*** is going on in here?” the lover “freezes” in a bizarre attempt to look like a trendy sexbot.

The guy, for his part, tries to prove that he has the receipt for the doll, waving a piece of paper in his girlfriend’s face. When the latter hit the fake doll, the woman says in what she apparently believes is a robotic voice, “Please, don’t hurt me.”


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