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Tourist couple found dead after performing Satanic Suicide Ceremony in Greece

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A tourist couple have been found dead after performing a satanic suicide ceremony at a Greek guesthouse on New Year’s Eve, officials have revealed.

The bodies of Lilia Botuseva, 23, from Bulgaria, and her 30-year-old German boyfriend were found covered in blood in a rented room in Vlachata, a village on the holiday island of Kefalonia.

Botuseva is said to have sliced herself with a blade before her partner, who has not been named, stabbed himself in the bath.

A satanic pentagram as well as knives and candles were reportedly found at the scene.

Their bodies were found on December 31 by the owner of the guest house, where the pair had been staying since Boxing Day.

Coroner Angeliki Tsiola said the tourists appeared to have killed themselves in a New Year’s Eve satanic ceremony.

She said Botuseva died first after cutting herself before her boyfriend filled a bath full of water and stabbed himself to death.

So the obvious question we at the EUTimes would like to ask is WHY IS SATANISM EVEN LEGAL? Satanism is the opposition of good, its like being evil and proud of it. What the F–K has happened to our world? What went wrong? WHY???


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