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Swedish female workers at Migrant Centers found to be sleeping with children

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Sweden is the must disgusting cucked nation in Europe at the moment. And what about Swedish men all while their women are sleeping around like prostitutes with Arab children invaders? 25% of them are “confused about their gender“… this is like literally the textbook definition of what a cuckold is. Sweden is effectively a cuckold nation of schizophrenics.

Hopefully by the will of God, a giant asteroid will fall upon Sweden and wipe them out of existence, just like Sodom and Gomorrah were wiped. Such a Babylonian disgusting shithole Sweden has become! There is literally not one single decent Swede left alive in Sweden because anyone right in their mind would have left that shithole years ago. Don’t know where to go? Check this out then.

In addition to posing financial difficulties and severe integration problems, it’s been found that the migrant crisis in Sweden has a morbid underside in the form of unethical sexual relations between the newcomers and staff.

Three women employed at a refugee accommodation center in Örnsköldsvik Municipality were discovered to have started intimate relationships with unaccompanied tenants in their teens. The incident was ultimately discovered by the municipality and the police were contacted.

The sluts later resigned, whereupon an internal investigation of the incident began, the Nyheter Idag news outlet reported.

Mats Gidlund, Head of Social Assistance in the municipality of Örnsköldsvik, stated that the municipality must work to establish a clear boundary between the private and the professional in interactions between employees and residents.

“This is clearly remarkable. Because we also think that what is happening is serious, we have reported it to both the police and the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO),” Mats Gidlund told the Allehanda daily.

Previously, an investigation was launched into a local refugee center in the town of Åmål, where a female employee reportedly gave a lap dance and had intimate relations with underage inmates.

In the summer of 2017, a debate flared up concerning single middle-aged women, disparagingly called “batik witches,” pushing for a more generous immigration policy to be able to get access to more unaccompanied refugees as “boytoys” in order to bed them.

The debate was intensified after Youtubers Videomannen and En Arg Blatte Talar (also known as Angry Foreigner) made a series of videos featuring copious numbers of middle-aged Swedish women posing with “refugee children,” some of which appear to be in their thirties, in a suggestive manner.

“What Sweden really has done here is the biggest import of gigolos in human history. Then, taxpayers have been made to pay for this immoral sex party and call it ‘humanism,'” EABT told the Nyheter Idag outlet. “This is not a migrant crisis, this is a globalist brothel,” he argued.

EABT mentioned over a dozen cases where Swedish women who worked with asylum seekers were revealed to have sex with them. In a few of the cases he mentions, police investigations have been started, whereas other cases led to internal investigations.

“Imagine that 45,000 young Ukrainian women come to Sweden as refugees. They claim that they are a few years younger than they really are and attract a lot of attention from older Swedish men who flock around them, prey on them, want to hug them and ‘take care of them.’ How do you think the feminists would have reacted? How do you think the media and the public would have reacted?” EABT said, hypothesizing on how it would have looked like, had the gender roles been reversed. According to the Youtuber, accusations of human trafficking and pedophilia would have sprung up almost instantly.

Municipality official Helena Axelson-Fisk reacted strongly to Nyheter Idag’s article, claiming that the comments field was full of “men in need of a lay.”

In 2015, Sweden received a record 35,000 asylum applications from “lone children,” followed by 2,200 in 2016. In 2016 alone, “unaccompanied children” cost Swedish taxpayers 26 billion SEK ($3 bln), although medical investigations later showed that a three out of four were in fact much older than initially stated and deliberately lied about their age.


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3 Responses to " Swedish female workers at Migrant Centers found to be sleeping with children "

  1. Edward_Teach says:

    The Swedish will be the real refugees. They have gave away their homelands, let third worlders beat rape and kill their women and children and the men do nothing but hide behind excuses like “he didn’t know any better”.

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  2. taxpayer22 says:

    Sweden forced to raise retirement age to pay for mass immigration policy.. While migrants are increasing the cost of the Swedish welfare state in terms of added infrastructure and cost for services, many are unemployed and go directly on welfare.

    The number of Swedes who were victims of crimes such as fraud, robberies, and sexual offenses jumped to the highest level on record last year.

    Swedish women are afraid to report crimes against them by Muslim immigrants.. because liberals are not liberal. They are conformists.

    They will soon only have 2 choices: the Burqqa or the brothel. Women will lose their rights either way… Sweden would be wise to reverse course now.

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    • Erica Ling says:

      From the reports , Sweden sounds like one big brothel, a free one. But the pathetic left wing and liberal “women ” of GREAT Britain were no better. They were volunteering to provide similar “services ” to the immigrants at Sangatte camp in Calais, when it opened. Muslims judge all western women by these…..any wonder they declare all our women have only one use, to pleasure them. And decent women and children are raped as a consequence. Perhaps the French had the right treatment for female collaborators, at the end of WW II, after all.

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