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Suspected Voodoo Practitioner Beaten in Nigeria for "Turning Human Into Goat"

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Local residents who suspected the man of using dark magic were beating him until he fell unconscious.

Police in the Nigerian state of Rivers have started an investigation into a mob attack against a 36-year-old man, according to the Daily Post.

The incident took place in the Rukpoku community in the Obio-Akpor government area.

The crowd attacked the man over the supposed use of witchcraft on a human being whom he allegedly turned into a black goat.

The man was beaten by the members of his community until he lost consciousness.

When the police arrived at the scene of the incident, they intervened to rescue the victim from the extremely aggressive mob and took him as well as two of the attackers to the police station.

During interrogation the man said that the goat belongs to him and that the animal has never been a human being.

Currently, the victim, his goat and attackers are being held in the police station. The police intend to further investigate the matter.


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