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Sargon of Akkad Preparing for War Against the Alt-Right

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The “skeptic” movement is a mostly YouTube-oriented phenomenon which emerged largely from #Gamergate and was popular between 2014-16 as a response to SJWs, feminists in particular. By the end of 2016, they had pretty much bullied most SJWs off of YouTube and so were struggling for content. Several in the movement suggested attacking the Alt-Right.

Their position, you see, is “radical centrism” – they believe that both the far-left and the far-right are somehow mirrors of each other in that they are “too extreme,” and thus have attempted to solidify a “reasonable middle ground.” By far the best way to understand this is to understand that they are basically arguing for 1990s normalcy.

Last year, the popular skeptic personality “Kraut and Tea” attempted to “debunk” the Alt-Right. When he failed to do so, he created a secret team to dox and defame members of the Alt-Right. Then the chat logs were leaked, and he resigned from the internet in disgrace.

Note that the situation started when a female YouTuber, who had been popular within the skeptic movement, cited one of my articles in a video.

Now, the mac-daddy of the skeptic movement, Carl Benjamin, known on YouTube as Sargon of Akkad, has now thrown his hat into the ring.

With a seemingly modest video entitled “8 Questions for the Alt Right,” he has signaled that he intends to go to war.

Watch the video above. He has a questionnaire he’s created for the Alt-Right. Disregarding the fact that he has no ability to ensure that Alt-Right people are the ones answering it, which makes the data itself irrelevant, there are several other troubling aspects.

He has based the entire thing on Millennial Woes, a rather obscure Alt-Right YouTube personality who does not represent the mainstream of the movement. This is a strategic move, trying to define the movement by a person who he believes is easy to attack.

What he is attempting with the questions – and this is rather shocking, after he watched what happened to Kraut and Tea – is a “gotcha” move that he believes will somehow bring shame on the Alt-Right. He throws out several different attempts at this, trying to grab specific threads that he then believes he will be able to break down for his grand “gotcha.” This is a weaselly, disgusting thing and he should be embarrassed of himself.

Let me comment now on each of the 8 questions, so as you can grasp what it is he is trying to do here.

1. Are Jews Oppressing White People?

This is a ham-fisted attempt to push the Alt-Right into a box as “right-wing SJWs.” The idea is that white people who are opposed to Jewish power are no different than black people that are opposed to white power. Or women who are opposed to male power. Or whatever.

This is such a low-level, idiotic non-argument that I was shocked he had the nerve.

A yes or no answer to that question is wrong. What Jews have done is infected white society as a virus. They worked their way to the top of our societies and replaced our traditional culture with a culture they are comfortable with, and one which serves their interests – interests which include ethnic replacement of white people in formerly white countries, along with a breakdown of the entire social order.

It simply is not debatable that Jews are behind immigration, feminism, racial egalitarianism, the homosexual liberation movement, the international financial system, the pornography industry, etc. etc. etc.

They created a new religious moral order based on the myth of the Holocaust and used that new morality to reshape the entire order of our societies.

We have been dominated by Jews, from the inside of our own systems. And there is no way to argue otherwise with any type of acknowledgement of empirical fact.

2. Should Interracial Couples be Forced to Separate?

Here is starts with the attempt to do a “gotcha” on the freedom of the individual, which is the main thrust of his gotcha agenda.

It is another trick question – he wants you to say you would force your will on people and destroy families, then he will lead you down a path from there.

The fact of the matter is that interracial couples were illegal in white countries up until very recently. Please peruse the “Anti-Miscegenation Laws” Wikipedia page for more information on that. They were all repealed following WWII as the Jews entered our systems on a large scale and began reshaping our society.

The US Supreme Court decision of Loving v. Virginia in 1967, which was the final ruling on the legality of miscegenation, was backed by the NAACP, an organization that was founded and largely entirely run by Jews.

The fact that mixed-race couples do now exist because of this Jewish action against our people is tragic, and it will be a nuanced issue to deal with. However, the primary agenda should be reinstituting the laws which prevent these types of relationships from forming in the first place.

3. Should the Government Prevent Citizens from Leaving the Country to Preserve the Race?

Here again, he is going after this “you want to destroy the rights of the individual” gotcha.

It is a weird question which I have never even thought about, but which he says he’s pulled from Millennial Woes. I’ll just have to trust him that MW said this. I certainly would not say it.

Again, he chose MW to base his attacks on because he is obscure and says some irregular statements. If he genuinely wanted to “disprove” the Alt-Right, he would go after Daily Stormer or The Right Stuff, the two media outlets which best represent the mainstream of the Alt-Right. The fact that he even asks this question shows how dishonest this thing he is trying is.

After all, I was the one cited in the YouTube video that triggered the skeptic interest in the Alt-Right. Most people in the Alt-Right do not even know who Millennial Woes is.

Of course people should be allowed to go where they want to go. We do not have a problem of people leaving our countries, we have a problem of aliens coming in. Most of the people who do leave permanently – a very, very small number of people, mind you – leave because of some effect of the Jewish system, whether financial or social.

4. Should the State Control Education?

In the video you will see the context of this question, which is apparently the idea that we want to brainwash people against critical thinking – which apparently he believes is currently being taught in schools, which are obviously already run by the state.

The fact that all states control education makes this a bizarre question.

So I will answer the gotcha itself instead of just saying “well, every state controls education” – that question being: “should critical thinking be taught to children?”

Of course critical thinking should be taught to children. Everything that the Alt-Right believes is the result of working through data using a methodology of logic and reason. All of this logic and reason should be explained to children, and they should be given the opportunity to challenge any of it.

Obviously, if the children try to do “gotcha” questions on us like Sargon is attempting to do with this video, than the wrong-headed nature of that gotcha attempt should be broken down with honesty and reason, as I am doing right now to Sargon.

5. Should the State Control the Media?

He elaborates in the video that to him, the only way of keeping Jews from running the media (which he admits is the case) would be to have the state control the media.

My answer would be that Jews should be prohibited from owning media companies. In fact, ideally, Jews should be prohibited from being in our countries at all.

I also argue that media MONOPOLIES (oligopolies, technically) should be illegal, and that existing media monopolies should be broken up under anti-trust. Having a totally centralized corporate media is always going to be bad, with or without Jews.

That said, the internet makes this a lot simpler. Right now, the old media is attacking and trying to thwart rising new online media. Just look at what has happened with the censorship of the Daily Stormer. And long before this, I was locked out of all financial services. If there was not this attempt by the old, Jewish media to silence rising alternative media, then there probably wouldn’t even be a need to break-up existing monopolies, as they would simply collapse under their own weight.

If the question is actually “do you believe in free speech?” (and I think that is actually what he is asking) – I absolutely do. In the ideal white country, people who believe in communism and whatever else should be allowed to shill for their ideologies. In this age of information, however, they are not going to make any inroads with such an ideology in an open market of ideas.

6. Should the State Control the Economy?

What do you know, another “gotcha.”

The answer is that the economy should be one which serves the interests of the people, and so should be regulated based on what is for the good of the nation. What is and isn’t good for the people is easy enough to figure out if you genuinely have the interests of the people in mind and you come at the issue rationally.

Sargon is not an Anarcho-Capitalist, and believes in a mixed-economy of some kind. And I think we pretty much all agree, outside of a few fringe elements in the movement, that a mixed system with some social benefits as well as a free-but-regulated market works best.

About half of American billionaires are Jewish and we live in a predatory system that is run by Jews where there are such things as artificial scarcity. We also live under a globalist open-market which has largely sucked the blood out of the West. The solutions to these things are not easy, but they are relatively straight-forward.

7. Do the Decisions of Individual White People Matter to the Alt-Right’s Goals?

This is another attempt to gotcha on individual freedom, I guess, though it is more obscure.

Individual decisions do not matter for any large social goal, as people in a society that is functioning properly will generally always abide by the norms of the society. The goal is to return the society to a traditional framework, wherein individual choices will be in line with the whole of society.

For thousands of years before the mid-20th century, white western civilization existed without the input of Jews, and it generally worked out. Yes, empires rose and fell, but that was not the result of individual choices, but of large societal trends based on a complex web of internal and external elements made manifest over generations-long periods of time.

The question is worded weirdly, and I don’t know if he is asking “should people be allowed freedom of choice” or something else – either way, the answer is that individual choices don’t matter to a society, because of the way individuals behave when they exist in a society.

If we are simply talking about the degree of individual freedom that should exist in a society, under an ideal Alt-Right system it would increase in many ways and decrease in several others.

Right now, people are restricted from freedom of association, various property rights are infringed upon, people are denied freedom of thought through various mechanisms of financial pressure (or legal pressure – outside of the United States and sometimes inside of it), small businesses are overly-regulated while big business isn’t regulated enough, personal privacy is routinely violated by the state. We would increase personal freedom in these areas.

Conversely, the use of hard drugs and pornography will be banned. As stated above, we will reinstate anti-miscegenation laws, as well as laws against sodomy. Parents will be blocked from giving their boys estrogen injections in order to “transform” them into girls. Various other forms of “new freedom” will be banned. Social and moral norms will be lined up with the 19th century.

8. Should Women Have a Role in Public Life?​

Sargon accurately states that the Alt-Right has not fully come to a conclusion on this issue. I certainly have come to a conclusion, and my answer is a hard “no.”

Women should go back to the role they had before the women’s suffrage movement and throughout all of history before that. We have experienced exactly zero benefit from the “liberation” of women. Not only have men not benefited, but women have not benefited. Women consistently report significantly lower levels of personal happiness with every leap of the liberation movement. Women were biologically designed to live in the home and raise children, and that is the role they should keep to.

To Conclude

My hope is that Sargon will respond to these answers, rather than continue to do this thing where Millennial Woes is taken to represent the Alt-Right. But this entire “opening move” is so fundamentally dishonest that I don’t expect him to do so right off the bat. I expect that he will continue to attempt to obfuscate the issue, as I think it is clear that he knows that without obfuscating the issue, he cannot win.

To be clear, I am not bothered by what Sargon does, necessarily. I agree with much or even most of what he says, even while I obviously do not believe he goes far enough. He is now a major YouTube personality, and it makes sense that he would want to stay within an established mainstream paradigm while slightly working at the edge of it.

He’s evolved a lot since we had our first run-in back in early 2015.

So honestly, I don’t really understand what he hopes to gain from this. He was a confidant of Kraut and Tea during that debacle, and it has been said (though I have not heard the tape) that he told Kraut to simply leave the Alt-Right alone. That seems to me to be the wisest path. But, presumably, he is hemorrhaging supporters to the Alt-Right, and thus feels it necessary, for professional and financial reasons, to “take us on.”

It is a very bad move. And it is something that he will not recover from unless he converts, which he appears to be unable to do (if he was capable of doing that, he would have done it already).

Sargon, you have to know that this is a battle you cannot win.

It is not too late to simply back down and scurry away.


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