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Sargon of Akkad, Individualism and Race as a Social Construct Finally Explained

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After the fierce battle between Richard Spencer and Carl the Cuck Benjamin who is wildly known as Sargon of Akkad some of his followers are claiming that he won. Many of his followers felt disappointed with Sargon and criticized him, accusing him to be emotionally unstable, weak and refusing to answer any of Richard’s question while always shooting his own childish gotcha questions. However despite fierce criticism from his own base, obviously his ardent supporters are still with him, cheering his alleged victory. In this article we are going to respond to Sargon of Akkad like neither Richard Spencer nor Millennial Woes responded.

So, Sargon “won”? Won what exactly? Who are you people kidding here? This isn’t a game, this isn’t blue vs red team. You cannot win anything from such a debate. Only people with similar ideas can win in a debate such as a versus debate between Richard Spencer and Millennial Woes or Sargon of Akkad and Styxhexenhammer666 but when people have radically different opinions, no winner can emerge unless you see one’s base fleeing in droves towards the former opponent. Its a little bit complicated for a simple mind but not that complicated. Alt-Righters are obviously going to perceive Richard as the winner and his arguments as fact while they are going to dismiss almost everything else Sargon says as false because they are already on board with the ideas of Richard and the same goes for Sargon’s base and if the ideas are not really that strong in one’s followers, then with time, it also becomes a cult of personality like with pop stars for example. In politics however people are mostly ideological and they can only switch sides if negatively impacted on a personal level. So for example if one of Sargon’s followers gets bullied and abused by a Muslim, he may brush it off with Sargon’s arguments “ohh this is just a random attack, nothing to do with skin color or culture or anything” now if in a short time-span it happens to him again but by a different Muslim, and then over and over again, that person will finally give up and tell Sargon to go fuck himself and will switch sides.

That’s individualism… and its normal to put yourself on before everybody else. That doesn’t mean you don’t care about a collective though. Your own family is a collective. If you don’t care about your collective family you may have some psychological issues and you need to visit the shrink.

Even if supposedly Sargon would have dominated the show, which he did not, the Alt-Right isn’t going to say “ohh ok, Sargon won, ok now we can all go extinct in peace and yeah he is right we do not exist, we are a social construct, therefore we can be genocided out of existence”.

We do not switch sides based on your stupid arguments. As for normies and who they consider the winner, well the masses of normies are already on your side, they are already liberals, you already have them, they are yours. There is nothing revolutionary in what you do Sargon. You are part of the system, but perhaps that’s your role, to protect the system and do damage-control for your already existing liberal system.

On the other hand, that’s what the Alt-Right is trying to do here, to convince normies to switch sides from you obnoxious pompous weirdos who think you are smart than you actually are, towards us, survival, unity, holding hands together like brothers and sisters, a collective of love, love for our selves, love for our nations. You lead your normie followers towards their own demise and falling off a cliff.

Race as a Social Construct

Sargon believes that race is a social construct. He believes that there are genetic differences in these races but these genetic differences only result in skin color, nothing more. That’s exactly what he said. While Sargon refuses to point out that the difference is not just in color but also in bigger penises for Negroids for example and smaller penises for Mongoloids. Differences continue with testosterone levels. Negroids have the highest levels of testosterone which is a cause for their aggressive behavior. Mongoloids have the lowest testosterone levels of all 3 major races. Height is also a factor, Mongoloids tend to be the shortest of all peoples while Nordic Europeans the tallest. Ohh so suddenly its more than just skin color but wait that’s not all, in fact we’re not even half-there yet. So get this, each race has a difference cranial capacity and facial features. In forensics you can identify the race of a person by looking at their skulls or even femur bones! The largest cranial capacities in cubic centimeters is found in mongoloids and they have on average 1491 cubic centimeters, Caucasoids have on average 1441 cm3, Negroids have 1338 cm3 and Australoids or Aborigines which are native to Australia have an average 1239 cm3 cranial capacity for men and 1118 for their women. Their average IQ is of only 62. In any Western country, if you are a native Caucasoid with that IQ, you are considered mentally retarded. On average, women also have smaller cranial capacities than men. Human brains also differ in number of circumvolutions.

This may be a funny meme indeed, but that’s all there is to it, its just a meme:

Incidentally, Mongoloids have the highest IQ on average than all races. Naturally, Caucasoids come second and Negroids come last by far. Now there is something special about Caucasoids, even though we get beaten on average by mongoloids, there are higher chances for Caucasoids to give birth to geniuses such as Einstein, Tesla, Newton and so on.

Does that destroy the race is a social construct theory yet? No? Shall we continue? Ok… so THE question of all questions which we would like to ask a liberal such as Sargon, is why do you say this about humans? Social constructs? Seriously? Do you also call the the German Shepherd or a Rottweiler social constructs?

What about different breeds of horses, cows, pigs, even freaking chicken?? Are they also social constructs?? Breed, race is the same thing, the 2 words are synonymous to each other, in many countries of the world, the word “breed” does not even exist in the dictionary, you translate “breed” as RACE and you also translate race as race. Its the same thing!

Only in your Western countries they needed to invent 2 separate words, to confuse people with their Marxist egalitarian dogma “there are differences between animal breeds but there are no differences between human races, in fact you see? we have 2 different words! therefore its not the same thing!”.

In my country for example, if you sell a dog, let’s say a Rottweiler for example, you need to prove through documentation and birth certificates and all that the dog’s race is pure all the way to his great grandparents. If you sell that dog as pure race Rottweiler and he is discovered to be of mixed race, you may potentially face jail time. Race mixing between dogs is allowed but when you sell it, you must specify that the dog is of mixed race, you cannot sell it as “Rottweiler” if its mixed race. So race matters that much to dogs but not to humans? Are you people nuts? Are you children?

Even plants have different variations to them such as apples, tomatoes, kale and so on.

Because we have different brains and we live in different environments we have of course created different cultures. Yes culture is a social construct but not race. Race is genetic.

As for Sargon’s obsessive question “define to me what is white! tell me Richard who is white?” I think he asked Richard this question like 100 times. Richard answered as best as he could but if we do not answer the question with what we just said in this article then Sargon may be suffering from ADHD, lack of attention, and he may need medication for that. Sargon even said that Japanese are also white… and should they be part of the white race? To get things even clearer for anyone out there thinking like Sargon, there is no such thing as the WHITE RACE. White race, black race and yellow race?? Seriously? What are you people kindergarten children? You define races by color? Yes Japanese have white skin and they are beautiful, smart, hard working people, but just because they are white, it doesn’t mean they are part of our race. Human races actually have scientific names to them, they are called the Caucasoid race, together with all their subraces such as Semites, Negroid race which is originally from Africa, Mongoloid race of which the Japanese are part of and the Australoid race which is somewhat similar to the Negroid race but different at the same time.

In closing of this topic, Sargon, even if we were different only in physical aspect, we still want to preserve ourselves. Let’s suppose for a second that this is all there is to us humans, we look different and there is nothing more, we have the same brains and the same genes, etc. I still do not want to see the beauty of the blue, green and grey eyes disappear from the face of this Earth. These eye colors do appear EXTREMELY RARELY in other races indeed but its so rare, you will only get to see them in photos and never in real life. There is also the beauty of the red hair and the blonde hair. These are features which naturally occur in Caucasoids while its extremely rare in other races and when it happens it happens because they do hold some Caucasoid blood in them.


So now we have to talk about individualism. You people contradict yourselves quite a lot when it comes to this but don’t fool yourselves. You are all part of a collective.

You are the INDIVIDUALIST COLLECTIVE. You have the same ideas, the same principles, same goals, you are united and driven together by ideology. Your ideology is “muh individualism”. Even though you say a person matters more than a group of persons, together all of you form a big COLLECTIVE of special persons who all matter! Styxhexenhammer666 even said during the debate that individualism makes you God-like. Ohhh so that’s what’s your individualism is about after all. Now we have confirmation of what we always suspected. Individualism is at its core a SATANIST idea coming from Satanists such as Anton LaVey and Aleister Crowley. It’s pure narcissism, its ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME! Don’t be part of a group, you are YOU, you are God! You should be free to do what you want, who is God? Why obey God why obey law? Be YOU, you are your own God, go and do whatever feels good. This is the doctrine of the devil. You can be religious or you can be evolutionist, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that those ideas do come from Satanists, worshipers of evil but it shouldn’t shock you one bit, after all look at this guy’s nickname Styxhexenhammer666.

I don’t care you don’t view yourselves as a collective, you can view yourselves as space aliens from planet RetardedCuckLand, but that’s still what you are, that’s what I see you as and what many others see you as, a giant COLLECTIVE of muh individualists and further more your collective is even advocating for rights and laws that suit your interests. If you were truly individualists, you shouldn’t be even on Youtube advocating in groups, chatting together and so on. You say you want to be left alone by the government but governments already leave you alone because you are their children, its us who they censor on Facebook, Twitter and so on not you and yes its the governments of Germany and other countries who impose on platforms such as Facebook to censor their Alt-Right users.

You people get to define the Alt-Right inside your sick minds the way you want to and you perceive it differently from what it self describes. Though self-description isn’t sufficient to you. So I’m here perceiving you differently from what you freaks perceive yourselves to be, is that such a big shocker? YOU ARE ALL COLLECTIVISTS AND THROUGH YOUR IGNORANCE, even potentially genocidal maniacs or even terrorists. Treason is too soft of a word to describe you people.

Your liberal leader Sargon told Richard during the debate that he doesn’t care if white people get genocided and fully extinct, so if we are to apply the same mentality here then according to a nationalist leader “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.” you are all traitors and you should all be lined up and executed. If your Sargon leader says its okay for hundreds of millions to die off, then why wouldn’t Alt-Righters say its ok for you liberals to die off but with that said, we are not that people, this example was just used to point your hypocrisy and to make you understand your errors.

To his somewhat of a twisted excuse Sargon said “If it makes you feel better I don’t care if blacks also go extinct.” but what kind of man is this? He is a monster! Just because he likes red tulips, or just because he doesn’t like any of them at all, it doesn’t mean yellow tulips and purple tulips should go extinct… this man is a soulless and above all brainless man. A man unable to feel sympathy and emotional connection towards others. This man is most likely suffering from of some form of autism just like Richard said. You know what? Just watch the movie Wilson 2017 and see what a individualist utopian society looks like, a mess… a total mess and what’s even shocking is that the character in the movie, Wilson is actually a Democrat who hates Republicans, which is strange to say the least because apparently not even Democrats agree with Sargon on muh individualism.

We humans are like bees or ants, and yes there are many breeds/races of ants and bees which live differently, so, as individuals we cannot accomplish anything, we cannot build the nest we cannot do anything.

If all ants had rights such as “blah I’m ME and I’m special and I don’t care about your collective group so today I’m not just gonna work, its my right as an individual” then the nest would never get built, the queen could not be attended to, no one would take care of the eggs, no one would collect food and so on. You people are just sick and diseased ants.

In a ant colony, do you know what happens to ants like you? They get executed by the normal ants and carried far away from the nest. I’m not saying that we should do this to you because we are not ants, we are human being with a conscience, we can change our minds and we can admit to our mistakes, but please people for the love of God just wake up already and see the light!

Together we can achieve so much, we can move the mountains and we can build artificial islands like the Chinese in the middle of the Sea but as individuals we can’t do much. We are the light… the Alt-Right and we need you to be part of us!

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