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Sargon of Akkad Brutally Humiliated by Richard Spencer

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This year is off to a grand start.

The first truly historic event of the year happened last night, when Sargon of Akkad debated Richard Spencer on the Andy “Race Warski” Warski show.

The stream is 4 hours long – an in fact, all of those 4 hours are worth watching. But the most important thing is what I have to say about it.

This was friggin nuts.

I’m not going to predict that he loses all his subscribers and goes bankrupt, because, contrary to Sargon’s own belief system, most people are not critical thinkers and do not actually care about the truth. They simply want their own biases confirmed and they want to be entertained in the process, and Sargon can keep doing that with his horseshoe shtick for a very long time. But there is zero chance that anyone who actually cares about the truth will ever take Sargon seriously after this. He was destroyed.

We have noted that the liberal debater with very often mix positive claims (fact-based) with normative claims (what I think ought to be). They will switch back and forth when addressing the Alt-Right. That is to say if they get owned on the issue of the hard facts of race realism or hard facts of Jewish domination, they will switch to “well what do you propose to do about it?” as if an unclear answer to that question proves that black people are intelligent and Jews don’t have overwhelming power in white countries.

Sargon took this a step further. He entirely skipped any attempt to address facts, going directly to the question of how Spencer plans to ethnically cleanse white countries. And then – get this – he went all the way to the nuanced mechanics of running an all white country in his hunt for a gotcha. He was going into detailed hypotheticals about ultra-specific potential scenarios that would arise in an all-white state, apparently attempting to claim that if Spencer cannot explain the specifics of allocation of labor and resources in such a state then white people deserve to be genocided.

That’s all this was: the hunt for the great white ethno-gotcha. And it was obvious, the entire time, that all he was doing was looking for a point on which he could argue to his own audience that Spencer is intellectually dishonest, as if one gotcha could simply destroy our entire movement.

During the course of his hunt, Sargon nearly had an aneurysm, spinning into an emotional rage at every turn.

When I heard it was Richard that was to debate the Alt-Right perspective with Sargon, I was concerned. Richard is not a good debater for the sole reason that he takes people in good-faith and directly answers weasel gotcha questions instead of assaulting the premise of the question.

That flaw in Richard’s technique was evident at the outset when Sargon went full-on with that same question we always hear from the SJWs and the Jewish media: “how do you define what a white person is???”

That is of course: “white people do not exist, therefore they have to be replaced with brown people in their own countries.”

I was a little bit shocked that Sargon would be this basic in his approach. I wasn’t shocked that Spencer entertained it. Ultimately though the outcome was a half hour of Sargon demonstrating that he has no concern whatsoever for any of our ideas, and simply seeks to try and entrap us. But again, that’s what the whole thing was.

A large section of the debate was focused on Spencer’s statement that society should have an aristocracy. I personally wouldn’t have used that language, especially in this context. I’m not even sure I agree with what Spencer was saying there. But this is how far down in the weeds he went: the question of “do whites have a right to self-determination?” turned into a question of how Richard Spencer would structure the social and economic hierarchy of a theoretical ethno-state.

Of course, that was entirely dishonest on Sargon’s part, as just like with his questions of “should the state control the media and education?” he is attacking something that already exists and which he believes should exist: unless you have a pure Marxist state, which the Soviet Union proved was technically impossible, then you are going to have some form of social hierarchy with some form of ruling class. Generational wealth transfer – any form of monetary inheritance – ensures that this class status is transferred generationally.

But again: who gives a shit? The question is: “do whites have a right to their own countries?”

If Sargon’s answer is “no, because Richard Spencer cannot come up with a system of social hierarchy in a theoretical future political system in a way that I find to be morally acceptable,” then I don’t think that is a very serious answer. Nor do I think that any serious person could consider that a serious answer.

Just for the record here, I do not really understand Richard Spencer’s concept of an “ethnostate.” My own view is that all historically white countries should be given back to white people. Europe, North America and Australia. But I am also pro-colonialism, pro-empire. Furthermore, I don’t have any fundamental issue with the US Constitution or the basic governmental model that it laid out. I don’t know how many people in the Alt-Right agree with me, how many agree with Spencer, how many hold some third position. But that isn’t the defining concept of the Alt-Right. The defining concept of the Alt-Right is that white people have a right to self-determination. The details of that are just details. But any debate on the validity of the Alt-Right, if that debate aspires to be honest, should focus first on the reasons why we believe we should have countries – race realism, genetics, history, identity, the Jewish problem, man’s search for meaning, etc. – and then on whether or not we should have countries.

So it should be:

Person A: I believe whites have a right to their own countries and here’s why.

Person B: I believe whites do not have a right to their own countries and here’s why.

The issue of how whites get their countries back is not of any immediate relevance to the question of whether or not they have a right to have them back.

When you mix these two up, it ends up being like: “I got shot and I’m bleeding out… but there is so much traffic that it would take a really long time to get to the hospital, so I guess I wasn’t actually shot after all.”

Sargon here and there made a negative argument that it would be morally wrong to deprive nonwhites the right to live with white people, but – probably given how weak that sounds – he was mostly just digging for the golden gotcha.

Even with Spencer’s sometimes obscure positions on things, it took Sargon all the way to “what if you have your white ethnostate and then Jews start sending propaganda to your citizens over the internet to cause social disruption? Would you censor the internet?”

Spencer didn’t grab the obvious retort and say: “so you’re admitting that Jews are constantly trying to disrupt white society with subversive propaganda?” and instead tried to give an honest answer, saying that if Jews were sending subversive propaganda from Israel to disrupt white society he would censor the internet.

I would have not walked into that and instead said that I would release point and counter-point propaganda in response to their propaganda – which, whatever you think about that, is just as good of an answer when you are getting to that level of hypothetical.

So he gave Sargon the ability to now claim that the Alt-Right is going to censor the internet. But in order to accept that, you would have to accept the nature of Sargon’s gotcha-hunting. By even making that claim, he is admitting that he went on an in-depth hunt for some point on which to trip Spencer up, thereby admitting that he entered the debate with no interest in the truth but only an interest in attacking what he views as a threat to his horseshoe movement.

Ultimately, Richard Spencer’s one insult (stacked against the hundreds thrown out by Sargon), that Sargon is in a very difficult position because he believes that he is smarter than he actually is, proved very true. The whole time, Sargon was blatantly disoriented and confused, getting lost in his own intricate-though-not-sophisticated series of gotcha traps. More than once, he stepped on his own gotcha-landmine. I wish he would have had his camera on because I kept picturing him going into convulsions whenever this happened.

Sargon of Akkad made himself famous by attacking the very most attackable people on the internet: unhinged feminists, trannies and other mentally ill persons. In my article responding to his “questions for the Alt-Right,” I told him that he should just back down, lest he get in over his head, but he choose to ignore that and push forward and now he’s got himself a proper mess.

The entire stream was basically a complete and total shitshow. There were like 9 people on it at one point, all talking over each other. Millennial Woes AKA Woe, My Princess made a good showing, and Styxhexenhammer666 defended Sargon’s side better than Sargon, but ultimately it should have just been the two of them with a moderator, if it was to be a serious discussion. That said, the chaos was pretty fun and our points were made.

Team White won, hands down.

Race War Live with Andy Race Warski is the Number One Show

Andy Race Warski must have made $20,000 in donations in the super-chat. He was very excited about the show. It got over 12,000 live viewers at one point and was trending number one on YouTube. He’s vowed to do more of these streams and I’ve vowed to listen to them.

He was apparently getting a lot of crap from the skeptic community for even engaging the Alt-Right at all. Many of them believe that we deserve to be no-platformed.

But those thousands he made certainly showed him that this is the right direction to move in. This stream was overwhelmingly popular on all sides. It was a huge thing on Twitter and the chat was exploding the entire time.

His show is going to be a major part of the 2018 internet experience, I can tell you that. The Alt-Right is a cohesive movement now and the time has come for us to clash with the rest of the supposed counter-culture movements so that we may, as a society, reach on consensus on what opposition to the modern liberal-Jewish system should look like. And his show is as good a place as any to do that.

Also want to give a shoutout to Race Warski’s sidekick JF, who is really great.

Sargon’s Afterparty [NSFW]

Sargon left Warski early because it was late on Cuck Island… and because he had to do his own show about the show he had to leave.

His afterparty show features a Romanian and Canadian sucking his dick for an hour. Absolutely disgusting.

While these two men sucked his dick, he rambled on about how he had won the debate and how Richard had nothing.

However, his commenters did not agree.

You can go check them out. There is effectively no one on his own channel supporting him.

Also, check Twitter. I couldn’t find a single comment supporting Sargon.

This was an absolutely brutal beatdown. And the fact that Sargon jumped right into an afterparty seems to demonstrate that he has an intent to keep this going. I sure do hope that’s his intent.

We can keep this going all year long.


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