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Mike Cernovich exposed as being at least Bisexual, maybe even 100% Gay

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Editor’s Note: I decided against publishing this a few days ago after Cernovich took down his Periscope video attacking the Alt-Right. Now that he is back on the attack, I am publishing it. He has even gone into his Twitter timeline to delete evidence of his gay past.

Update: Cernovich made a second video attacking the Alt-Right on Periscope. It was up for a few hours this afternoon. He has since deleted it like he did with the first one.

Mike Cernovich is really mad at us for making fun of Paul Joseph Watson.

In a Periscope video he posted to Twitter this evening, he lashes out at Richard Spencer, David Duke, the Manosphere and the entire Alt-Right. Unlike his friends MILO and Alan Dershowitz, Cernovich claims we’re all a bunch of moral degenerates.

We discovered this evening that Mike Cernovich spends his free time ranking the lady boys of the world and observing lady boy action in Paris. In 2012, he wrote a post on Danger & Play called “What is Sex with a Tranny Like.” By my count, it has been through at least four different versions. I’m told the story was first published as a matter of fact blog entry. When his readers made fun of him, he posted an update that said “LOL, guys, this is not my story. It’s from a reader.” He later changed it to clarify that he is into “rough sex with women.” Even more recently, he has changed it yet again to a “guest submission” that he claims was posted to a messageboard:

“When we left the club she came back to my place, she had some coke so I did like 2 lines. I was so fucking horny, and fucked up. We just started going at it, I took her pants off, and there was this shriveled black thing. I forgot what our exact conversation was, I was too fucked up, I remember her being embarrassed and saying she told me and she didn’t think I cared, I was shocked but also too horny and fucked up to say no and I already went too far. We kept going at it, and one thing I remember is her pushing her shriveled little prick into my face when she was deepthroating me, in the 69 position. I kept trying to move away from it, but I eventually just gave in and let it penetrate my mouth. I remember tears coming down my face a little when I vaguely realized what I was doing, it had this weird chemically, salty taste.”

Yeah right.

Does this sound like the kind of story you would just let a reader post to your blog under your own name without attribution? I don’t think so. Still to this day, Cernovich’s website is #1. in Google search results for the query “What is sex with a tranny like?”

This gets even weirder. Mike Cernovich claims to be transgender:

“Although I always felt like a man inside a man’s body, biology began to do its thing. Around my 35th birthday I felt my testosterone levels begin to decline. I had less energy and found it harder to recover from workouts.

I thus began testosterone replacement therapy, a form of hormone replacement therapy transgenders use when undergoing the process of transitioning. …

Some, such as male-to-male transgenders, believe aging is a disease. We believe our male brains deserve to live in healthy male bodies.

Because of this, we undergo testosterone replacement therapy – or TRT for short.

Under the supervision of a physician, I self-administer 200 mg of Sustanon every 5-7 days.

Male-to-male transgenders suffer massive amounts of transphobia.

As a result of using exogenous testosterone, a man’s testicles begin to atrophy. …

What is it about having “big balls” that makes a man a man? Saying my testicles are small is based on outdated models of gender identity and construction. It is also transphobic. …

I also believe transphobia against male-to-male transgenders such as myself must end. …

The decision to make the transition to a male-to-male transgender was fully-informed and fully personal. …”

Cernovich likes to visit Thailand:

“As much as I enjoy the busy streets of Saigon, my mind requires large open spaces. I do my best work near the ocean or mountains (ideally both). Koh Samui, an island in Thailand, was just what I needed to relax and unwind.

Like all of Thailand, Koh Samui is hot. Heat has pros and cons. I love swimming in the ocean, but the oceans in Los Angeles are frigid. …”

What kind of place is Koh Samui, Thailand? Who would go there?

“What makes Koh Samui unique is that every possible vice imaginable swirls tangibly through its streets, yet with a bright, fluffy PG-13 bow on it all, sort of like if Disney managed Hooters.

Illicit transactions occur late at night, in the back alleys of Chaweng, but an appropriate level of discretion is maintained. Tourists walk alone at 2 a.m. without fearing anything worse than a sudden infatuation with a gorgeous woman who turns out to be a man or coming across a vendor selling neon plastic light sticks for roughly 5000% percent of their value. …”

It is a place known for ladyboys.

In searching through Cernovich’s blog “Crime and Federalism,” I was struck by how often he blogged about “homophobia.” He repeatedly returns to the issue.

At one point, Cernovich even says “may God have mercy on your bigoted souls”:

“You know what: My mind is now closed on an issue. I used to give people who opposed same-sex marriage the benefit of the doubt. Many of my friends oppose gay marriage on religious grounds. But I’ve seen the light.

If you oppose same-sex marriage, you are a bigot. I grew up around racists, and I know bigotry when I see it. You may as well throw around the n-word so far as I’m concerned. You’re not different from a hateful racist who burns crosses into the night.

Sure, your interpretation of the Bible might support bigotry. But guess what: Two-hundred years ago the popular interpretation of the Bible supported slavery. And one-hundred years ago, the popular interpretation of the Bible supported segregation. The popular interpretation of the Bible was wrong then. And it’s wrong now.

It’s time to reflect: Does the Bible truly support your views? Does Christ ever speak on the issue? Or do you simply harbor a disdain for those who are different, and thus feel inspired to read words that are not even there?

I’m reminded of Thomas Jefferon’s remarks on slavery: “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice can not sleep forever: that considering numbers, nature and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural interference!”

May God have mercy on your bigoted souls.”

Interestingly enough, Cernovich took to Twitter in 2015 to rank the lady boys of the world (Thailand has the best) and to post photos of such illicit encounters in Paris. We know from his passport that he has been to both Thailand and the Philippines.

When dining alone I invariably get the (gay) male gaze. Yes I am eating alone and no I don’t want you to eat me.

— Mike Cernovich ?? (@Cernovich) September 14, 2015

.@2dAmMuslim I do sound sorta gay but I’ve sold more audiobooks in 3 months than 99% sell in lifetime. https://t.co/zOiUx9TZkg

— Mike Cernovich ?? (@Cernovich) November 1, 2015

I am transgender. I wrote about my struggles, courage, and bravery here: https://t.co/0xXNkKhkfQ https://t.co/cmR020RTzD

— Mike Cernovich ?? (@Cernovich) April 15, 2016

Lady boys ranked, by city:
1. Bangkok
2. Manila

5. Everywhere else.

— Mike Cernovich ?? (@Cernovich) September 1, 2015

Pull up, get some lady boy action in a van, and leave. Somehow I always see the real shady side of a city. pic.twitter.com/o0BmiUCI9r

— Mike Cernovich ?? (@Cernovich) September 1, 2015

Funny story about the impotent-right https://t.co/hFzWrcteJa

— Mike Cernovich ?? (@Cernovich) March 14, 2017


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