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Israeli Minister: “Africans are an Unsanitary Nuisance”

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Africans are an “unsanitary nuisance,” the Israeli Minister of Communications—a senior member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party government, told a party meeting in Eilat, south Israel, last Friday evening.

As reported in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper—but of course ignored and blacked out by the Jewish lobby-controlled media in all Western nations—Kara was addressing a Likud Party meeting on Friday evening in the seaside town when he made the remarks.

Speaking against the backdrop of Israel’s recently announced program to expel all African invaders pretending to be refugees in the Jewish ethnostate, Kara said that the Africans who had been present in the southern resort town were a major issue for the region.

“In my previous role, I was in charge of regional cooperation to save tourism in Eilat. We brought here 1,500 from Akaba and thus we deported, without making any effort, the illegal workers who infiltrated here and were a sanitary nuisance,” Kara told the meeting.

The remarks—just one of many such comments about non-Jews made by leading Jews in Israel over the years—are far “worse” than the alleged comment made by Donald Trump about “sh*t hole” nations—but there will be no hysteria or endless attacks by the controlled media as there are on Trump.

* Kara also went on in the same speech to call for the death penalty for anybody broadcasting “fake news.”

The communications minister said: “Everyone who brings [sic] fake news, will bring upon themselves the death verdict and there won’t be f*cking fake news anymore.”

His words were received with a round of applause.

Later, Kara claimed that he had meant that he personally did not want to kill fake news people, but that they “bring the death verdict” upon themselves.


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