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Furor in Italy after politician says the country’s “white race” is in danger

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An interview with Italian Lega Nord politician Attilio Fontana, about mass migration on Radio Padania, has rocked the country:

“We cannot (accept them) because we don’t all fit, so we have to make choices.. We must decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society, should continue to exist or if it should be wiped out”.

He added “it is not a matter of being xenophobic or racist, but a matter of being logical and rational”.

After his statements were published by the press, Fontana felt compelled to back down and clarify. He said, “It was a slip, an expressive error”, but it was already too late because the case has exploded in the country’s national media.

Varese politician Samu Astuti, compared Fontana with his Lega Nord party leader Matteo Salvini and with the “worst xenophobic right”. A politician of the M5S party said Fontana “should clean up his party [of corruption] instead of worrying about immigration”.

So saying you wanna survive and not go extinct, as white people… is racist…….. ok, no further explanations required. Its obvious now, these globalist monsters truly wanna kill us. If they see our wish to survive as “racist” then its obvious. They want us gone. I can understand saying its racist when someone would talk with hate about other races but Attilio Fontana never said anything hateful.

He only said that white people will go extinct if they continue accepting immigrants, and its true, only a retard would say its not true. If you send enough red ants to invade a black ant nest, can you say that the black ants will not go extinct? Can you say they will both coexist in the same nest forever and ever, dancing kumbaya?? Same with us humans Attilio didn’t bad mouth the other races, he just said he wants us to survive… and those globalist evil monsters say that saying this is “racist”.

But Fontana received some support as well. Not surprisingly from his party leader Matteo Salvini, who said that his country is under attack and its future is at risk. He did add that the color of the skin has nothing to do with that, but the real danger is to underestimate the Islamization of the country.

In two years, more than 300,000 migrants have entered Italy: 181,436 in 2016 and 119,310 in 2017.


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