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"White People are an Abomination" Posters show up in America, No media outrage

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So let’s get this straight! When “It’s okay to be White” posters show up, the media, the leftists and basically ALL non-white people go crazy screaming at the top of their rotten lungs: “DATS RAYSIST!!!” when in fact there is nothing racist in being white! WTF does that even mean??? Racist for saying its ok to be white? Is that like saying its NOT ok to be white??? So if its NOT ok to be white then what should we do? Kill ourselves so that you colored people be happy? Not gonna happen.

And now that posters saying “white people are an abomination, white DNA is an abomination” and “WHITE IS OVER” like calling for mass genocide…. umm complete silence, no one sees anything, no one says anything. No media outrage, not even the right is protesting, nothing, just a couple of crickets singing…

Seriously? At this point, why do we whites even care what white traitors and non-whites think about us, say about us, what they want from us or expect from us? If a white person would have put up such a poster against brown Mexicans for example, saying that Mexicants are abominations and that their DNA is defective and that they should be exterminated, lots and lots of white-knights would have condemned that white person, apologizing like stupid retarded children as if THEY personally put up the poster…

Yet not a single non-white has condemned this poster, let alone apologize in his name. So at this point, why do white people even care??? We have reached a point of no return, whites must stop caring what non-whites and white traitors who align themselves with the non-whites even say or want. Whites must separate by any means necessary because this is too far. This goes to show that if these browns would have the power, they would kills us like cattle so God forbid we ever loose control of our countries because its gonna be Zimbabwe spelled allover the place.

You cannot pacify these people, they hate us and they want us gone, not just from America or Europe, no they want us gone as in DEAD. Dead, buried and with them pissing on our graves. These people are like spawns of Demons. Perhaps that’s their origins anyway since God created Adam who was a white man with red hair. His very name ADAM translates as “RUDDY”. The word ‘ruddy’ means ‘having a fresh, healthy red color’, and is associated with the ability to blush. There is only one type of man that has ruddy cheeks and is capable of blushing and that is the white man.

‘Blushing’ is a hot, red flushing of the cheeks unique to white people when they feel humility, shame or embarrassment, and is often associated with an inability to hold the head up and bear another’s gaze. Clearly browns cannot blush, not even Asians can blush. Darwin described blushing as ‘the most peculiar and most human of all expressions’.

We know then that the Nephilim came and mixed with humans, perhaps that’s where those non-whites originate from. Then we had Noah’s flood when all those subhumans were wiped off but how did they reappear? Did more angels fall? Nobody knows but clearly, these people are like demon spawns hell bent on wiping God’s Adamic race of people. This is like their only goal in life, to wipe us off by any means necessary, race mixing, encouraging us not to have children or simply murder.

Should we all move to another planet and give Earth in its entirety to these 80 IQed people, they would still not be happy and scream at the sky “Whites, wherever you are, you are racist, you need to die! Its because of you, this and that and bla bla bla! Brothers we must invent a spaceship and go after them wherever they are and kill them! Its their fault! Bla bla bla!!!!!!! BLAAAA!!!! WHITES!!! BLA BLA BLA!!!”

We have the power, we have the brains, should we stand up, those leftist cockroaches will tremble at our feet begging for forgiveness.

So after this long rant, here’s a bunch of details about this really enraging story, if you don’t get angry after this then you must be really defective and you might as well put an end to your miserable useless life:

Texas State University’s student newspaper published an op-ed Tuesday telling “white people” that “your DNA is an abomination.”

“When I think of all the white people I’ve ever encountered—whether they’ve been professors, peers, lovers, friends, police officers, et cetera—there is perhaps only a dozen I would consider ‘decent,’” student columnist Rudy Martinez begins the op-ed, which The University Star has not posted on its website.

The piece documents Martinez’s personal opinion of “whiteness” and “white people,” which he defines to include anyone who is “a descendant of those Europeans who chose to abandon their identity in search of something ‘new’—stolen land.”

Contending that racial categories “are used to subjugate non-white people,” Martinez complains that “in Texas, a bizarre state I have now inhabited for four years, I continuously meet individuals that either deny the existence of white privilege or fail to do something productive with it.”

Addressing white classmates, he asserts that “you were not born white,” but rather “became white” and “actively remain white” through “allegiance to a country that was never great.”

Martinez then warns white people that “the oppressive world you have built…is coming apart at the seams,” describing Donald Trump as the last gasp of white supremacy.

The things is you Martinez or your brown brothers don’t have to take part of our “oppressive world” you could have stayed in Mexico. We don’t want you here in America, that’s why we oppress you!

“Through the current political climate, in which a white supremacist inhabits the White House and those of his ilk would try to prove otherwise, I see white people as an aberration,” he declares. “Through a constant, ideological struggle in which we aim to deconstruct ‘whiteness’ and everything attached to it, we will win.”

Until then, however, Martinez offers one final message for white people.

“Remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist,” he concludes. “You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”

Student Body President Connor Clegg told Campus Reform that he believes the article is an “embarrassment” to his school.

“I’m the first person who will stand up for the First Amendment any day of the week,” he said, “but when students are required to pay into a school paper like this which espouses these racist views, then I certainly think some action needs to be taken against this so-called reporter/columnist.”

Clegg also pointed out that the editors of the Star share accountability for publishing the op-ed, suggesting they should have exercised more discretion before deciding to run it.

“Ultimately, editors are the gatekeepers who have final say over these things so we need to look at that as well,” he argued. “I mean the rhetoric sounded like something that would come out of Hitler’s mouth—not to be extreme but it’s undeniable. ‘I hate you because you shouldn’t exist?’ I mean come on. Whoever let that type of material get published should certainly be looked at.”

The Star’s Editor-in-Chief, Denise Cervantes, addressed that line of reasoning in an editor’s notepublished on the paper’s website Tuesday night, though as of press time there was still no digital version of the original op-ed.

“The University Star’s opinion pages are a forum for students to express and debate ideas,” Cervantes noted. “While our publication does not endorse every opinion put forth by student columnists or guest contributors, as the editor I take responsibility for what is printed on our pages.”

While he acknowledged that the op-ed had generated “widespread criticism” from readers, including “many expressing that they find the author’s ideas to be racist,” Cervantes sought to portray the matter as a misunderstanding.

“The original intent of the column was to comment on the idea of race and racial identities. We acknowledge that the column could have been clearer in its message and that it has caused hurt within our campus community,” the editor’s note concluded. “We apologize and hope that we can move forward to a place of productive dialogue on ways to bring our community together.”

Not all students accept that argument, however, saying it should have been clear to the editors from the outset that the piece was intended primarily as a racial provocation.

Savanna Gabrielle, a Latina student and Turning Point USA member, told Campus Reform that she “couldn’t believe that my university, [which] supposedly supports different cultures and races, actually published that in the newspaper,” saying, “I feel like the writer wrote it in order to gain recognition and hopefully create a resistance to the ‘white race,’ but what he ultimately created was the beginnings of another Hitler.”

Texas State student Andrew Homann, a former chief of staff for the Texas Federation of College Republicans who once served as Texas State Student Body President, offered a similar assessment, drawing a distinction between the author’s right to freely express his views and the newspaper’s right to exercise editorial discretion.

“I am saddened by the fact that The University Star, my school’s paper funded by tuition and tax dollars, would give a platform to racism, bigotry and hatred,” he told Campus Reform. “While this individual has every right to express his disgusting world-view, this rhetoric does not belong in any publication, anywhere.”

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