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Prince Harry set to Marry Half African Wife in "Historic, Groundbreaking" Wedding

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So Prince Harry has just announced that he wants to marry a half African woman and the leftist media is going nuts, cheering this move as “historic” and “groundbreaking”, “sets milestones” and so on… well the problem is that she is not a virgin, in fact she is a divorcee. This should not only be a requirement with any normal man but with a prince? A prince settling for a divorcee? He could have had any woman in the world if he wanted to.

To make things worse, she is 3 years OLDER than him! Yes you read that correctly. This looks like a Charles & Diana all over again. Meaning a troubled marriage that may result in a divorce and probably even setting her up for a car crash. Undoubtedly Meghan Markle is just your average gold digger who is playing dumb, pretending that she didn’t know he is a prince and other nonsense.

Now on top of that she is a half-African and the other half is rumored to be Jewish by conversion. So this is groundbreaking indeed! This is like a conquest over the royal family. Its no wonder blacks in America are cheering this on Twitter and hoping that his children with her are going to be 100% black, many hoping for recessive genes. Well but I thought race doesn’t exist and if it did, only whites are rayyyyysist! So why are they hoping for black children then?

This is exactly what happened to Egypt like 3000-4000 years ago. First they were white, then they allowed blacks in as slaves from Nubia, then as equals, then they gradually mixed together, even the royal family of pharaohs mixed until they became predominantly black… and now blacks say Egypt was always 100% black! This marriage Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is like the first Egyptian pharaoh marriage with a black. 1000-2000 years from now, if humans are still going to exist, Africans will claim that England was always black! Honestly if you look at the woman she doesn’t look black at all, in fact she looks like she is 100% white but unfortunately she does carry those black genes in her and her children might be black and have that curly hair.

Furthermore Prince Harry is a natural ginger! You can literally count the number of gingers left alive on the planet these days on your fingers. Natural redheads are the first whites to go extinct soon, then it will be the blondes and later the brunettes. He should have been an example and married a red head woman.

Wouldn’t this be better suited for the prince???

Or this???

Or perhaps one of these??

For some damn strange racist reason, redheads are bullied and laughed at by others since childhood. Perhaps this is also the cause why redheads are going extinct first. They are ashamed of themselves and they seek to mix themselves out of existence.

But why should they be ashamed of themselves when they are really beautiful people?? For God’s sake not even Aboriginals from Australia are ashamed of themselves despite being the ugliest people on Earth. And not just the redhead ladies but redhead men too, have a look!

First we’ve got prince charming himself who is quite a handsome man himself:

Then check these guys out:

Redheads must never be ashamed of themselves no matter how much they are bullied for being “gingers”! Why would they be ashamed? Redheads are just as beautiful as blondes and the photos above prove it! If you are a readhead reading this, man or woman, you should actively seek to date and marry fellow redheads only so that you can preserve your uniqueness. If its not possible to marry a fellow redhead for any reason, then try to marry a natural blonde with blue eyes because with a blonde there is a chance of at least 50% to have a beautiful redhead child with depending on the purity of the gene.

Redheads and blondes are closely related and none of them would ever go extinct if they intermarried all the time for eternity. However if any of them continually intermarry with brunettes from generation to generation, they will eventually go extinct as the brunette gene is more dominant and the most common gene on the planet. At least 95% of the planet is brunette. So in order to preserve these rare beautiful genes, redheads and blondes must only marry between themselves and avoid brunettes. Some are saying that blondes are only a derivation from redheads mixed with brunettes and that might be true. Adam the first man, we know for sure that he was a redhead and his very name translates as “ruddy”. Then throughout the Bible we have King David who was also a “ruddy” (redhead) according to 1 Samuel 16:12. Jesus was also a redhead according to Revelation 1:13-16 and Psalm 45:2-3 and even Moses. So it looks like the original creation was redhead who then mixed with non-whites and created the white brunettes, the European brunettes who are part of our white European family now, then the reds mixed with the white brunettes and formed the blondes. So it looks like blondes have been created by the redheads but worry not, the redheads of today are not pure but mixed from generation to generation by their parents, grandparents and so on. In today’s world redheads and blondes are the exact same race so if they intermarry and have 10 children for example and if both genes are equally pure, 5 children will be redheaded and 5 blonde.

If you go with a brunette however, you will lower your chances of having a redhead child to below 10%. So redheads have 2 chances of survival, either go with their own kind or go with blondes, but try to avoid brunettes.

Now that we explained how this works, chances are that Prince Harry would have a white brunette child with Meghan Markle just like your typical European brunette or maybe even mulatto if the Meghan’s genes are dominant which is sad. Had he taken one of those blondes he had as wives, his children would have looked exactly like him.

A redhead and a white brunette will probably result in blonde children such as in this case:

A redhead and a blonde will most likely result in a redhead depending on the parents of the redhead:

Prince Harry is about to make a huge mistake because of this. What example is he setting for his nation and for the tiny redhead world? Additionally you should also watch these videos:

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