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Niger President Wants 600 Billion Per Year from Europe Or Else

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Mahamadou Issoufou, the President of Niger, says that Africa needs 600 billion per year in development aid. This would also help the developed countries, as poverty is the cause of terror and migration.

Issoufou: Let me recall the “Goals for sustainable development” of the United Nations. This sustainability agenda identified the need for 600 billion dollars per year to support Africa’s development. Aid currently is around 15 billion dollars. So we’re still far away from receiving the investment help needed. A Marshall plan of 600 billion dollars is not picked out of the air, it is rational. This is also what Chancellor Angela Merkel wants. This plan could be easily financed if the developed countries stuck to the investment study from the 70s. It anticipates aid of only 0.7& of GDP. That is not burdensome and could enable Africa to have the resources it needs.

The world over, every tinpot despot now realises that Europe’s elites have been Jewed into such a state of moral paralysis that they are incapable of defending the interests of their own people; incapable of doing what any competent government throughout history would have done when faced with an influx of unwanted foreigners: killed them.

As a result, brown people now demand money from white people by threatening to send brown people to colonise their countries unless they pay up.

Hand over the cash or else!

Gardai in Blanchardstown are struggling to deal with an upsurge of crime and violence and anti social behaviour by gangs of youths in the new communities areas of Tyrrelstown North Dublin.

The anti social behaviour including a number of assaults , one of an elderly man has left residents in fear of going out in the evening.

A number of residents have taken to social media with harrowing stories .

One resident wrote: “They litter, destroy property, break into people’s houses and attack innocent passers-by.”

Another resident said that she could no longer take her dog out for a walk in the evening, commenting:

“I don’t take the dog out in the evening, garden only. I also don’t walk on the streets, just in the park.It’s terrible that we can’t feel safe taking the dog out for an evening stroll ”

Another Resident wrote :

“I live in Tyrrelstown for the last 10 years and boy is this place in trouble . I’ve had a gang of 12 black kids attack my car while picking my son up from creche . They had been msessing on a zebra crossing , when i told them to move , one of them charged at me and spat in the window of my car . My 3 year old son was with me , my 70 year old neighbour was walking her dog to the shop when 2 blacks on a bike rammed into her , one jumped off and punched her in the back of the head . she fell so hard she ruptured her knee caps . Also my work colleague who lives in Tyrrelstwon was knocked unconscious with a choke hold while 2 black lads robbed his phone and wallet . these are my personal stories , there are many more problems . just thought i’d give you some first hand knowledge . This place will be a ghetto in the next 10 years ”

Just last month a Tyrrelstown man Herton Diansambu (20) appeared before Blanchardstown District Court accused of striking a woman in the face and shoving her and her 13-year-old son to the ground after the boy tried to protect his mother , the incident happened while the the young mum out walking with her two children , she was grabbed around the neck by a man who demanded she hand over her mobile phone .

At the weekend , the violence spread to the neighbouring town of Balbriggan , A father and son were injured after an attack by a gang of up to 15 youths in Balbriggan .

The man sustained facial injuries while the teenage boy is also believed to have sustained minor injuries.The incident happened on Bath Road at 9:35pm on Saturday night. A Garda spokesperson said: “Gardaí are investigating an assault on a man in his 40s and a teenage boy at Bath Road at 21.45.Anyone with information should contact Balbriggan Garda Station.”


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    If crows are damaging and destroying the corn field, kill a bunch, and hang then from the trees around the field to rot. Crows are smart. They will stay away from the area. Common farming tactics.

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