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Media goes crazy after white farmer returns to Zimbabwe and reclaims farm

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The mainstream media is now going crazy reporting the news of a glorious return of a white farmer to Zimbabwe who had his farm land seized by the former government of the black racist Robert Mugabe.

So we’ve said it before in the past that we feel almost zero affection for white people who still insist on living in Africa despite the current intolerant climate towards white people.

We wrote an extensive story a while ago about this and the return of this man and the media hype proves our point.

This man is not one of us, he is not a nationalist, he is an altruistic self-righteous liberal. He returned there and hugged all his former black neighbors.

So he finally managed to escape to God knows where, perhaps in the UK or something, then after Mugabe fell, he felt joy that he can return to his beloved blacks.

So how exactly do these people deserve any pity when they end up as news stories such as “Another white farmer from X forced to watch wife and daughter raped then dismembered alive and fed to dogs” ? Why would you feel pity for these people? These are not our people, these are liberal bastards, who insist on living among blacks rather than among their own white people.

Just look at the photos and at the joy he expresses for finally being able to hug his beloved black buddies. He was there wherever he was, anxiously waiting for Mugabe to either die of old age or be overthrown so he can return! Unbelievable…

And look at the media and how they are treating this, as a successful multicultural story for their utopia.

Look at his joy! Ohh he’s so happy he is now rejoicing and embracing his friends and Reuters is so happy as well! Why? Why be there? Why should we feel pity and donate to these people if they later become tragic news headlines such as this Indian for example? Who’s putting them to live there?

These people who wanna live there are not our people. They are liberals. Including nationalists such as the Suidlanders or Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging from South Africa. Please stop supporting them, stop donating to them. Donate to us instead. If they wanna help the white race survive, if they wanna do anything conscructive at all, they must recognize that Africa is not a suitable place for white people to live in just as Europe is not a suitable place for Africans.

The numbers aren’t there, they are minorities, they will never lead those nations again, its impossible. Back then were different times, it was not them, the colonists who won the leadership of those African nations, it was the armies of the European occupants, but those European occupants are not with the colonists anymore. Who is gonna help them overthrow let’s say Zimbabwe for example? Britain? Hahaha, nice joke!

Come back to Europe if you wanna do something good. There is still hope here, come and help us win our continent back. Africa has long been lost and the colonists living there will never regain control without outside support. Stop insisting on living among blacks! Come back to Europe. There are already 3 countries that we know of accepting white Africans as refugees, some even providing free farm lands.

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