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Massive riots hit Islamic Iran, protesters shout "Death to Dictator" as 2 Shot Dead

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Videos posted on social media appeared to show two young Iranian men lying motionless on the ground and covered with blood and a voiceover said they had been shot dead by police reports the UK Daily Mail.

It claimed security forces fired on protesters in the western town of Dorud and killed at least two as other protesters in the same video were chanting, ‘I will kill whoever killed my brother!’.

Other videos showed protesters setting fire to a government office in the city of Khorramabad while in the capital Tehran, demonstrators were filmed tearing down a picture of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Demonstrators attacked a town hall in Tehran as protests spilled into a third night despite government warnings against any further ‘illegal gatherings’ and moves to cut off the internet on mobiles.

After a day of clashes between rock throwing protesters and riot police, who responded with tear gas, at Tehran University, the demonstrations continued after dark and spread across the country.

There was chaos earlier around the capital’s university as hundreds took to the streets, blocking traffic and shouting slogans against the regime.

Travel restrictions and a near-total media blackout from official agencies, made it difficult to confirm the reports.

The demonstrations appear to be the largest to strike the Islamic Republic since the protests that followed the country’s disputed 2009 presidential election.

Thousands already have taken to the streets of cities across Iran, beginning at first on Thursday in Mashhad, the country’s second-largest city and a holy site for Shiite pilgrims.

Make no mistake about it, this should also be a racial struggle for Iranian people as much as is a religious and ideological struggle. Continue reading for more details.

US President Donald Trump is cheering the Iranian people and encourages them to go forward while bashing the Islamic dictatorship:

Well then what are you waiting for USA? 2 people have already been shot to death by the Islamic police.

The Western media seems to be on Trump’s side on this as they are calling it a revolution:

And notably (just above) the Saudi royal family owned Al-Arabiya is presenting the Iran protests in terms of women’s rights despite women having zero rights in Saudi Arabia but Saudi Arabia is not really that relevant now because this is about Iran which is at its core a white European nation, not a Arab nation.

To put it just mildly… yes the Muslim dictators of Iran do deserve to be overthrown and kicked out. The protesters are right in shouting “death to dictator”. The Persian people have lived enough under Islamic rule. Persians are not Arabs, Persians are white aryan European peoples and they do not deserve this fate. Racially speaking its called the Indo-European race because it stretches from Europe all the way to India.

They had a King and a beautiful democratic monarchy but Muslims overthrew the monarchy and for what? Beautiful white aryan women are forced to wear the hijab and are violently beaten and even executed if they are caught without the veil. Many have been slaughtered like dogs by the Muslim scumbags who rule Iran throughout the years. Students caught partying are lashed in public for holding a PRIVATE party. This is what Islam is but the question is, do the Iranian people deserve this? To live under Islam? No! Let the Arabs live under Islam, they invented it they like it, its for them, not for Persians!

Public hangings of any political opposition are a common thing in Iran while Muslim fanatics throw acid on women’s faces and severely disfigure them for life. Some do get punished by law but most, don’t.

Its so bad that Iran cannot even be simply called IRAN in a freaking news article from a news media from Iran such as PressTV or IRNA. Notice that in all their stories they never say simply just Iran. No, they always say “The Islamic Republic of Iran”!?!?!? ISLAMIC REPUBLIC??? Can’t you just say the name of the country for once without putting that primitive oppressive terrorist religion before the name of the country? And with that said, keep in mind that Iran is one of the more moderate countries where people still have a few rights here and there, unlike Saudi Arabia for example but who cares? Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam, they have Mecca and all. Iran is a different story, Iran shouldn’t even be Muslim in the first place, they should have been Christians. Remember when the Persian magis traveled to Israel by following the Star of Bethlehem which prophesied the birth of Jesus? They recognized Jesus as the real Son of God and Virgin Mary as His mother, they came to meet the Son of God and give gifts to His highness.

So good job people, keep rioting and hopefully you will be able to win and overthrow your Islamic dictatorship.

Fight Iranians, fight! Because you fight for beauty, set beauty free and ban Islam! This is what you are fighting for, this is how a Iranian woman look without that stupid Muslim veil:

These pictures that you saw here are made in private and in secret without the Islamic authority knowing because such clothing is banned in Iran and women get fines or even publicly lashed or sentenced to jail for wearing something as modest as this:

Look at what those disgusting brown Iranians do to those white Iranian women. They are called the “moral police”.

Look, the policeman is brown, the civilians are white… its simple, its racism against white people.

It’s quite simple, yes? It is brown people oppressing white people. This is what those mixed-race brown Iranians do. So kick them out or your revolution will be in vain! This is South Africa all over again but a little bit different because they use religion as a reason to oppress whites while in South Africa its on-your-face “die white people” and this is the fate of Europe and our women as well if we do not take a stand ASAP. As we are being invaded by hoards of brown Muslims, you will soon see our women being pushed around like slaves by Shariah “morality police” just like you see in the photos above.

If the revolution works out and protesters win, they also need to ban Islam and kick out most of those brown mixed-race Muslims because they would seek to regain power again just like they did with the Monarchy in 1979. In order for Iran to retain a democracy it must also make a peaceful racial cleansing. No crimes are necessary, this isn’t the 15 century. Just kick them out into neighboring Afghanistan or Iraq which is a chaos anyway, then close the border and never allow them to return to Iran. If Iran doesn’t do this then those brown Muslim fanatics will return to power one day and reinstall a Muslim dictatorship like the current one.

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