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Its NOT YET too late to get FILTHY RICH out of Bitcoin, READ THIS IMMEDIATELY!

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You think it might be a little bit too late now to get into Bitcoin as it has reached $17.000 out of Bitcoin? Well yeah indeed, you are right, it may be too late to get into Bitcoin or maybe its not that late either. First of all you don’t necessarily need to buy one of the 3 bigs Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. There are other Altcoins (alternative coins) out there with a lot bigger potential to make you filthy rich, so keep reading, details down below!

First let’s talk just a little about Bitcoin, don’t get it wrong, Bitcoin WILL burst someday, its not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

Remember the dotcom mania and how it all fell apart? No one back then would have ever believed that the dotcom mania would fall, yet it fell. So will Bitcoin… no big investor believes Bitcoin will fall, yet it WILL fall because all things which have a beginning also have an ending. It’s the law of nature.

Rome had a beginning, it lasted for more than 1500 years yet it also had an ending, Greece had a beginning and an ending, dinosaurs, even human life itself, you are born, you live and you die. So hopefully some of those really involved knuckle heads will wake up.

Now before we start giving you some advises, don’t think for a second that Bitcoin will never fail, so just don’t go around selling your house or your car to invest in Bitcoins because that would be the dumbest possible thing you could do. Ok now that we’ve made things clear, we don’t know WHEN will Bitcoin fall. It may fall the next minute you read this, when it hits $30.000 per coin, $100.000 per coin or even $1.000.000 per coin according to some investors such as McAfee. Who knows when, so it’s not yet too late. You can still profit off of Bitcoin.

So now let’s start…

1 – You don’t need to buy a full coin and invest $17.000 in it, you can just buy a couple of cents or how they are called, Satoshis even though Satoshi Nakamoto has denied any involvement with Bitcoin.

2 – NEVER get greedy, when you’ve made enough money, withdraw the equivalent of your entire investment and only after that you may exploit your profits a little bit here and there but if you invested a big sum don’t play around with your savings, don’t risk like a fool. Let’s say you invested $3000 and a month later your investment turned into $5000, withdraw $3000 and leave the other $2000 in there to play around with and aim at higher possible profits. At least you have withdrawn your investment and if you loose at least you don’t loose you money, you just loose some fictive imaginary money which were never yours to begin with.

3 – Be very careful WHERE you get your coins from. Not all exchanges are created equal. Some have really poor security and may get hacked and have their coins stolen while others may be just be outright scams.

4 – Now its time for the big surprise! Did you know that besides the big 3 Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, there are actually over 1000 more alternative coins known as “altcoins”? Newly launched altcoins which you can discover on coinmarketcap.com

Bitcoin Red (BTCRED) is a newly launched token. The token has the exact same total quantity of Bitcoin, 21 million while there are already 17.34 million already in circulation among people. Bitcoin Red is cheap, it costs only $0.22 as of now but don’t worry, its price will hit $10 and even $100 easily in the near future. So you better rush and buy buy buy!

As we’ve seen already with Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Dark and Bitcoin Plus, only their name alone, the fact that they are named Bitcoin, is sufficient for them to hit astronomical prices. Bitcoin Cash for example is already at $1600 per coin and in October you could have bought this coin for like $300… so in a matter of just 2 months imagine how much money you could have made if you would have bought let say 10 Bitcoin Cash coins for $3000. Yes that’s right you would have made $16.000 now! Well minus withdrawal fees and commissions and bla bla bla but still you could have earned at least $12.000 out of it with little to no work at all.

So imagine you buy 1000 Bitcoin Reds right now for only $220. If these coins hit just $10 per coin in the future, you’ve just made yourself $10.000! Should they hit $100 per coin, you’ve made yourself rich earning $100.000 ! If they hit 1000 then jackpot! You win 1 million dollars! Do you get the point? And don’t think for a second that Bitcoin Red will never skyrocket because it WILL. The name itself is what helps Bitcoin Red go far. The fact that its named Bitcoin is more than sufficient.

Now the thing is, when you buy altcoins, avoid coins which have total supplies in hundreds of millions or billions because those coins will never grow big. Look at Ripple for example or Doge another famous altcoin. There are already 113 billion doge coins circulating on the market who knows out of how many in total. Ripple is another disaster with a total supply of 100 billion. Those coins will never grow as big as Bitcoin because there are too many of them out there on the market and only what is rare grows in value not what is common.

Now here’s another bomb just as powerful as Bitcoin Red. LiteBitcoin (LBTC) costs only $0.009 as of now! YES! Damn right, this is less than a cent! This coin also bears the name of Bitcoin and has huge potential. LiteBitcoin has a total supply of 161 million, way larger than Bitcoin’s small 21 million total supply, yet due to its low acquisition price, you have to be insane not to buy a bunch of LiteBitcoins now! Imagine buying 10.000 LiteBitcoins for only about $10, if this coin hits just $1 per coin, you just got yourself $10.000 by investing $10!!! Should this coin reach $100, you win $1 million! Sure  due to its large volume it may never reach 100 but I say $10 to about $50 it will easily reach in the near future. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest of course.

Then we move on to another bomb, LiteCoin Ultra (LTCU) and LiteCoin Plus (LCP)! Both these coins have really small total supplies and huge potentials ahead of them. Look! LitecoinUltra for example has a total supply smaller than Bitcoin, of only 8.38 million coins and it only costs 6 cents as of now. Litecoin Plus has a even lower supply of only 4 million and costs $0.62 per coin. BTCMoon (BTCM) also looks like an interesting investment.

Whatever you do, avoid buying coins that have huge total supplies, try to buy coins with smaller amounts and don’t wait any longer, jump in ASAP! The clock is ticking and you’re loosing out as these coins may jump in price from day to day and instead of buying them at cheaper prices, you will buy them at higher prices, investing more money into the game.

When you’re on CoinMarketCap.com and you finally find a coin that you think you want to invest in, click on the coin then go “Markets”, here’s an example on Bitcoin Red. You want to do this so you can discover the exchanges where you can actually buy your coins from.

Unfortunately most exchanges selling altcoins don’t have a credit card deposit and withdrawal function which is pretty retarded and the only way they trade is in Bitcoins instead of US Dollars or other real currencies or as they say “FIAT currency”. The term itself is also retarded and annoying but you will encounter many people in the cryptocurrency world talking like that. Saying that the Dollar and the Euro are FIAT money. Sure, yes that’s exactly what they are but at least those are REAL fiat money which you can hold in your hands as paper or metal which you can trade anywhere in the world any time, yet Bitcoin is even more fiat than the Dollar, its all virtual, its not backed by Gold, Silver or anything. Its just speculation and people’s stupid demand and supply, you can’t trade it anywhere like you can trade the dollar and if electricity suddenly goes down for example… let say because of…. EMP? then its BYE BYE to your stupid “MUH REAL MONEY” Bitcoins, or let’s say there’s a war and the internet gets shut down, bye bye again to your precious stupid Bitcoins but if any of those things happen, the Dollar and the Euro will remain for the most part unaffected as fiat as they are, but you don’t care about none of that. You just wanna get rich, forget about all of that. Let them believe what they wanna believe. You just get into the game, produce some money and you get out.

Sorry for the quick rant, so back to the initial subject, as most of those exchanges want Bitcoin in exchange for altcoins instead of US Dollar, you have to first buy your Bitcoins from somewhere else then transfer them to whoever offers those altcoins we recommended. Exchanges that accept US Dollars are Coinbase, Bitfinex, Yobit, Coinmama, BitPanda, CEX and a few others. Out of those exchanges only Bitfinex and Yobit are trading altcoins with US Dollars. Yobit for example offers Bitcoin Red with US Dollars. Coinbase for example is only with the big 3. Wherever you go make sure you active your 2-step verification for enhanced security.

A few other upcoming coins which haven’t been launched yet and you should be on the lookout are: Kim Dotcom’s new BitCache coin which will most likely skyrocket, and Russia’s CryptoRuble.

And last but not least you can collect a bunch of FREE COINS everyday from Yobit which we previously described, use this link to register an account then go to FreeCoins and QoinPro. Join QoinPro through this link and you will receive daily free coins, 2 Bitcoin satoshis per day, a bunch of Dash, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, etc. all for free. You don’t even need to do anything, just make an account and let it sit there and it will automatically produce coins for you. You would have to be a madman to not want free coins. Look Bitcoin was below $1 in 2010!!! People were shitting on it just like you might wanna shit on those altcoins now, yet 7 years later, look at where is Bitcoin! If you had 1000 Bitcoins bought from back then with just a couple of dollars you could have had $17 million dollars today! So don’t be an idiot! Join Qoinpro now and milk those daily free coins, you never know! If you use this link you get extra free coins, spread it among your friends while it still lasts. If you know of more websites that offer free coins like qoinpro then please let us know in the comment section below.

Just get into the game, don’t get over-greedy and know when to pull back! Enjoy, share and subscribe!

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