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How to operate a one-man customer service department and still have time to run your business

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In order for your small company to succeed, you need to have a firm grasp over all aspects of running a business – from accounting and marketing, all the way to manufacturing and distribution.

And while it’s definitely possible for you to handle all of those tasks on your own, there seems to be that one thing all business owners struggle with – customer service. It’s in your best interest to keep your customers happy and coming back, but the sheer number of requests, inquiries and questions is often overwhelming even for a team counting five or more members.

So, how do you approach this seemingly unsolvable problem? Easy. Hear us out.

1. Create a website for your business

You’re probably aware of how important having a website is, but you probably didn’t give much thought to how important having a responsive and reliable website is.

SITE123 is amazing website builder that allows its clients to create beautifully designed, fully responsive websites in minutes. As beautiful and easy to make they are, it’s not even their best feature. What we love about SITE123 is how safe and reliable it is. It also doesn’t hurt that it seamlessly integrates with dozens of third party apps that make your life much easier.

2. Add a custom contact form

Enabling your clients a fuss free way to contact you will, contrary to popular belief, make managing all of your customer service inquires much easier.

123ContactForm and JotForm are both incredibly easy to use online form builders you can find in SITE123’s App Market. They fit perfectly into any design you choose for your website, and you can customize it as much as you’d like.

That way, all of the requests and questions you receive will be stored in one place and easily accessible. Answering those inquires won’t take any longer than answering any of the emails you get, but having it all centralized will make all the difference.

3. Add a live chat

As great as contact forms are, sometimes people just need a super quick answer to a very specific question. When filling out a contact form and waiting for an answer just won’t do, that’s where live chats step in.

Live chat apps such as Intercom Live Chat make answering those kinds of customer inquires a breeze. Find them in SITE123’s App Market and add them to your website with a single click. You can create a custom greeting message and an automated response for when your customers reach out to you. Answering questions is as easy as texting, and the responsiveness and dedication will make your customers love you more.

Just by using these two simple tools and adding them to your website will enable you to manage your customer service department – on your own. Having everything centralized on your website means you won’t be spending hours on end answering customer messages, and you’ll be left with more time to focus on what’s important – growing your business.

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