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Estonia to become 1st country in the world that switches from Euro to Digital Cryptocurrency

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Estonia is a Baltic country of 1.3 million people and four million hectares, half of which is forest. Its government presents digitization as a cost-saving efficiency and an equalizing force.

Digitizing processes reportedly saves the state two per cent of its G.D.P. a year in salaries and expenses. Since that’s the same amount it pays to meet the NATO threshold for protection (Estonia—which has a notably vexed relationship with Russia—has a comparatively small military), its former President Toomas Hendrik Ilves liked to joke that the country got its national security for free.

The new Estonian state coin, will be called Estcoin and will probably replace the Euro and make Estonia the first cashless country in the world, you know the mark of the beast and all of that 666.

So it looks like the switch is done through peace and people will do it by themselves. We previously though that you would be obligated with a gun pointed at your head to get a chip implant and all but we were wrong, people are lured into the 666 cashless society through promises of wealth but is it???? Only a couple of lucky few who bought Bitcoins got rich but very few or even none ever got rich from altcoins.

Most altcoins are actually doing bad. Bitcoin Red for example which we recommended only a few days ago, has now plummeted to $0.15 so if you actually bought it you would have lost money on it by now. Maybe the price will grow again and its not yet the time to panic but maybe it won’t so what’s the point of cryptos if you can’t get rich? To loose money and get marked by the beast at the same time?

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