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181,543 Invaders Land in Europe

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A total of 181,543 nonwhites pretending to be refugees have invaded Europe during the period January to December 20, 2017, and over 60,000 applied for “asylum” in October alone, according to new official figures.

The data, released by the United Nations’ International Organization of Migration (IOM), said that 170,249 invaders had landed by sea, and 11,294 by land.

This brings to 387,895 the number of nonwhites to land in Europe since 2016 claiming to be “refugees.”

The main nationalities of the invaders (in descendant order) are as follows:

To Italy: Nigeria, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh, Mali.

To Greece: the Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Republic of the Congo/Algeria.

To Bulgaria: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, the Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey.

According to the latest data issued by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO), in October 2017, there were 61,634 “applications for international protection in the European Union.”

The previous month, September, saw just over 63,000 applications.

The proportion of invaders claiming to be unaccompanied minors (UAMs) was 4 percent, similar to the previous two months.

The largest share of claimed UAM applicants were Afghan nationals (14 percent of all UAM applicants), followed by Gambians and Pakistanis (8 percent each).

In October, the three most common countries of origin of applicants remained the same as in the last two months. Syrians were the largest group, followed by Iraqi and Afghan nationals.

Nigerian and Pakistani applicants completed the top five. These citizenship groups together accounted for 38 percent of all applications lodged in the EU.

The remainder of the 10 most common countries of origin all lodged a similar number of applications: Eritrea, Turkey, Albania, Bangladesh and Iran (3 percent each).

For most of the top-10 citizenship groups, the number of applicants remained stable compared to September. However, numbers of Eritrean applicants decreased considerably (down 36 percent) compared to September, while those of Turkish, Pakistani and Bangladeshi applicants increased by around 10 percent each.

In October 2017, EU+ countries issued 70,183 “first-instance decisions,” some 1,000 more than in September.

Half of all decisions were issued to applicants from the five main countries of origin: Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan.

For the second consecutive month, more decisions were issued to Afghan nationals than to Syrians.

Conversely, slightly more decisions were issued to applicants from Iraq (5,499) and Nigeria (3,159). The overall EU recognition rate decreased for the third consecutive month, to 35 percent in October.

The citizenships with the highest recognition rates within the top ten countries with most decisions issued were Syrians (90 percent) and Eritreans (87 percent). The recognition rate dropped for both groups, respectively, by 1 and 2 percentage points.

The lowest recognition rates were recorded for Bangladeshi (3 percent, 2 percentage points lower than in the previous month) and Albanian applicants (6 percent, increasing by 2 percentage points compared to September).

As in the previous two months, the share of positive decisions granting refugee status (60 percent) was higher than those granting subsidiary protection (40 percent).


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  1. FeriSS.H says:

    INVADERS – ??? … NO WAY!

    To invade means to enter by FORCE … while these herds of vagrants are just moving freely, as nobody is stopping them. It’s much worse, as Lefturdish TREASONOUS EU COMMISSARIAT WELCOMES massive humanoid RESETTLEMENT of worthless MALE lowlife from Africa Middle East and Asia.

    “Invaders” are blameless actually, as they are just taking opportunity, a God’s gift never experienced in the whole history of Humankind. Not a single advanced civilization has WILLINGLY surrendered to HOSTILE ALIENS without fight – EVER! NEVER HAPPENED!

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