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Woman divorces man after 18 years of marriage, takes his money and kids to pursue Kenyan man

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Sarah, a 44 year old American woman has announced her plans to get a divorce live on TV after 18 years of marriage for a 26 year old Kenyan man from Kisii named Kevin who got to her through sex chats.

Kevin who is a Christian Pastor lured her in, promising her “unmatched African sex energy”, probably bragging with his “big black thing” saying that white men are inferior to black men even if they take Viagra.

Such a divine “pastor” we’ve got here, typical African… carnal pleasure, lies and deceit, adultery and breaking 2 commandments at the same time, 7 and 10.

Her husband was a loyal man, he never cheated on her, he never beaten her nor did he ever do anything bad to her, in fact that might be the reason he’s getting the cuck treatment.

Sarah is planning to take his 4 children as she will surely win their custody because in the Western world men stand no chance at winning child custody unless the woman is like really messed up, she has to be probably on drugs or something in order for a woman to lose.

On top of that, this woman is also planning to take his money so she can have money to travel to Kenya and take the children along with her. Then the woman is planning to bring Kevin to America of course.

Her husband Keith has warned her that he is just using her to get a visa, but she told him that she doesn’t believe him and that she is certain Kevin authentically loves her and if he doesn’t, she will just return to Keith.

Keith didn’t said no, he didn’t said that he won’t take her back, in fact his softish attitude is what is driving her away perhaps. This is the very definition of cuckold. He’s old and he’s a cuck who is about to have his wife banged by a black man. Most likely she will get some form of AIDS or something, then she will spread it in the west even more. Yeap that’s exactly how Europe and America got HIV virus and many other nasty viruses.

Obviously she is doing this to hurt him, loose women tend to do these kind of things.

Sick! This is truly sick! America is such a sad place and honestly it would be better to just abandon it at this point. Pack your bags and move to Europe, preferably in Eastern Europe, bring your entire family with you, if you are married take your wife with you and go move to Eastern Europe because if this thing didn’t happen to you YET, don’t worry, it will, because the culture in America is grotesque and it allows these kind of things to happen.

If you are unmarried, either a man or a woman, do the same thing, go to Eastern Europe, permanently move there, adapt and marry a local spouse there if you want a normal family life.

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