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White Revolution, its Aftermath and the Reinstitution of Slavery

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Many people in the West, both in Europe and America, hope and wish for a revolution, a political change that will result in a form of nationalist leadership but very few are taking the time to contemplate on how exactly it would look like and what exactly will happen in such a world.

So with this article we hope to address all the issues related to such a world and how it can be made to actually function properly without any major problems.

Nationalism may spell Death of the West for good

Nationalism is the concept of extreme patriotism, like love for the country, culture, tradition taken to an extreme. Most nationalists think their country is the best and have little to no respect for other cultures deep down inside even if they do not show it in the open.

A nationalist from Germany for example would always dismiss a Greek nationalist as lazy and even their culture as inferior even if Greece has been the center of civilization way before Germany was even a country.

In fact, 2000 years ago when Greece was at the center of the planet, Germans were primitive savages banging each other’s heads with clubs, now they arrogantly dismiss the Greek nation as inferior just because they have some economical problems.

The Greek leadership isn’t helping with their democratic neo-communist government of SYRIZA which seeks to force themselves as equals of Germany instead of earning their respect.

This isn’t the case only with Greece. Italy is in the same boat, Britons laugh at Italy, think they are above them but also 2000 years ago when Britons were dancing around stupid stones, Italy was the world’s mightiest empire. Rome!

Nationalism in its purest form is a disease which we need to get rid of, because nationalism already brought us not one, but two World Wars which killed hundreds of millions of white people. Its the arrogant thought of A being better than B and B being better than C that brought us these horrible wars.

Europe needs to unite and ditch all forms of NATION NATIONALISM. Love for your own nation can not come single and separated from the other hideous aspects of it no matter how hard you try. NATION NATIONALISM only comes stuffed with bloatware such as disrespect for neighboring nations or other ethnic groups such as arrogant Anglo-saxons or Germanic people disrespecting Slavs or Latins.

No matter how superior the Germans think they were, they still got their asses kicked by Slavs back in the World War 2 and honestly it was all because of the mercy of Slavs, Germans even exist today because Stalin could have wiped all Germans out of existence after they won the war, but they didn’t. Furthermore, they even gave them freedom to reunify in 1989 and how are the Germans for example using that freedom given to them by the Russians today? They are constantly threatening Russia with sanctions and NATO wars? What is that if not pure insanity? Have they forgotten already that only a few years ago they were at the mercy of the Soviet Union? Now they wanna act tough again?

The European Union is NOT the problem

The solution is here already and as crazy as it sounds, I know this goes against your mentality and against your narrative but the solution is actually the European Union.

The European Union is already a great grandiose project and its what Hitler wanted too, a united European continent with a one single capital, called Welthauptstadt Germania (World Capital Germania). A project meant to end all European brother wars, a project meant to make us greater than ever before. In fact if we think about it, who is so opposed to the EU? Where do these Eurosceptic ideas originate from? If you look on Wikipedia, you will find that Euroscepticism originates from NATION NATIONALIST political parties, softer versions of what both the media and political leftists call “right wing extremists” or “evil neo nazis”.

In Britain for example, parties like the British National Party are considered “neo nazis”, we will just call them WHITE NATIONALISTS instead because that’s how they self identify and quite frankly if you analyze them, that’s what they are, never discussed about ending the European Union up until recently when Nigel Farage’s cucked version of the BNP, called UKIP made it their number one goal, to end the EU. WHY? One might ask, because deep down inside they also didn’t want the hoards of Muslims invading their country but they didn’t had the guts to say it directly, so they figured a way to oppose this massive migration without saying it directly, such as ending the EU.

But here’s where they are profoundly wrong and crazy at the same time. Norway is not part of the EU, nor is Finland or Switzerland, yet they are also facing huge problems with Muslim migrants. Nor are Australia, Canada or America members of the EU. Exiting the EU does not guarantee that your country will become migrant-free. Now the BNP has also picked up on some of this anti-EU rhetoric because they saw its mainstream and acceptable to the public but that’s not how they always rolled. In fact guess what, the most anti-immigration white nations on earth are members of the EU…. go figure! We have Hungary leading the way, Poland and now Austria is joining the gang shortly after Czech Republic joined with their “Czech Trump”. All of them are EU members and clean of Muslim migrants. Ohh the irony… So you see? It’s not the EU that’s the problem, but people we elect and appoint to represent us in the EU.

The EU needs to be fixed, not destroyed. You want change then vote for somebody else next time.

We used this example with the UK because they are the only ones so far to quit the EU and they have 2 versions of national political parties but they are not alone. So does Germany has AfD the cucked version and the NPD the real deal. Most countries have that.

A cure for Nationalism

So what is the solution then? Bend our knees and submit to the foreign hoards of Muslim and African invaders until we are all wiped off? Of course not.

NATION NATIONALISM would bring Europe only death and endless war until we go extinct. The only problem that we would have to face is that unlike back then when we were fighting with bayonet rifles and tanks, nowadays, nukes would be used.

Of course, everybody will refrain but only up until a certain point and after a certain line is crossed, nukes would be used and that ladies and gentlemen would spell infinite doom for white people.

If you do not die in the blast, you will certainly die only in a year or two of cancer from those nasty radiations.

So what is THE SOLUTION? What is the cure for NATION NATIONALISM? RACIAL NATIONALISM. Love of race instead of love of nation. That’s the cure for this diseased ideology called Nationalism that can get us all wiped out for good and since we are White, we can call it White Nationalism. We live in different times, with different weapons. We need to be really careful and calculated.

One of the fewest people of all out there who has actually been able to understand this and who has similar ideas to ours is Richard B. Spencer. Indeed we need to set aside our differences and unite, into a one single powerful family which no other race on this planet would dare to mess with and this comes only under one single country with a single people, a single currency, a single flag and a single leader. You know those words: Ein volk, ein reich, ein fuhrer? Hitler thought that national identity is an “artificial” concept and it has been done already and it works perfectly. America has all kinds of whites, Germans, English, Irish, Italians, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russians, Polish, Greek, Armenian, etc and America functions perfectly as is. If they didn’t had those non-whites, they would be light years ahead of all other countries on earth.

After all, all whites originate from the same place, its called Caucasus. Yes some nations are whiter than others, Greece has their browns due to mixture with Turks, Italy has their Arabs, Spain has their Moors, Romania and Bulgaria have their Indian gypsies and so on but what does this prove anyway? So does Sweden has hundreds of thousands of Arabs now and so does Germany has their Turks thanks to Merkel, UK and France have their Africans and so on. No one is pure nowadays so arguing over purity is plain stupid now and this is already an established fact, non-whites must be expelled regardless of where they live, north, south west or east of Europe.

However, what happened, happened and that is the past and the past is bad, very bad actually, we must not try to replicate that past because during that past, many whites died but now, under the current situation in the world, with the current weaponry available to mankind, we must remain united. Divided we fall, united we stand. The Romans had a saying: divide et impera! Do you know what it means? Divide and conquer.

Sure, we may keep the flags as state flags, just like America is a nation with states and every state has its own flag, this would be to remind us of our past, we may keep our food traditions, we don’t need to eat the same, even now within a same country, any given country for that matter, food is different from region to region, let alone from country to country. There are even different dialects. So this means nothing because we can keep almost everything as is, with the exception that we need to turn into a united federation just like America or Russia. Look, such a federation already exists in Canada, with the French part and the English part and look how nice they coexist. Any attempts to break up the federation should be viewed as treason and shut down immediately.

Imagine a one single country stretching from one shore of the ocean to another. From the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to Portugal’s borders, to Russia’s Pacific Ocean in the far east, neighboring Japan, Korea and China… Who would dare to mess with such a nation of mighty race of people?

This will avoid all possible internal wars among us but just because we have our white federation, doesn’t mean we would have to allow one single non-white living among us. Under white nationalist rule, everyone non-white should be expelled to their country of origin because it threatens the purity of our genepool and even poses a threat to our very own survival.

Reinstitution of Slavery

Yes, you read that correctly, both in the headline and in the above title. We have to bring back slavery but not like you think. As mentioned in the above phrase, everyone non-white must be expelled. Not enslavement of non-whites but enslavement of whites.

Ohh yes, you read that right, certain whites must be enslaved. We always like to think about a white revolution and how we will do this and that but we never think and contemplate about what happens next, AFTER (and IF) we win.

There are white people living among us as we speak who are actually posing a greater threat to our very existence more than any other race living among us. The leftist children of Soros who encourage an endless stream of immigration, race mixing, abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, porn, mass shootings and in some cases even terrorism and all possible kinds of debauchery and high treason. Some even call for open genocide on their own race because they are convinced that whites are evil and need to die! Yet they are so special and don’t need to die? They somehow don’t see themselves as white? Well non-whites still see them as white and as better off dead.

Look at this extreme example of pure hatred where these 2 Mexican women are shooing away this white Antifa guy while yelling at him: “You’re still white, you’re still responsible, this is your fault, you’re inherently racist, it’s in your blood, it’s in your DNA!” despite the traitor being there among their ranks fighting WITH them AGAINST his own race, yet these people still are not waking up because there is no awakening for these people. These people have become part of the problem, they are more of our enemies than those 2 Mexicans screaming those words at him.

Its normal for those Mexican women to hate those cucked white men being there, as they protect and advance the interest of their Mestizo race, but what those white people are doing by being there, is high treason and as once a famous nationalist leader, Corneliu Codreanu, said: “[People] who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.” Yes those words ring so true…

So what can we do with these people? If we have our revolution, we cannot allow these evil bastards go unpunished for all their sins. First of all we cannot pretend that they do not exist and hope to live normal lives because these bastards will not rest until they see us dead, removed from power and back to debauchery. These psychopaths also need to pay for all the crimes they did to our people throughout the years, because of these psychopaths we are now nearing full extinction. Besides without a house cleaning, there is no revolution.

Arrest them? Execute them? Sure they would deserve it but still history will judge our system and whoever will be its leader. The most merciful and humane thing we can do with these bastards but also punish them at the same time, is to enslave them.

So what exactly would they do? What would be their role in our society? Anything, from maids to chefs, drivers, nannies anything a slave would be useful for in today’s society. Those really rotten evil leftists would have to be rounded up, arrested and reeducated for 1-3 months. Guards will be instructed that if their reeducation tactics are too violent and if they result in any death of any inmate, they will also be arrested and put to enslavement.

Punishment will have to be drastic against such accidents as we cannot repeat anything that happened during WW2 in those pesky camps. Look at how they are used now to demonize the nazis now.

After the short reeducation process is over, they are gonna be put up for free adoption. Single people should not be allowed to adopt slaves and used them spouses, only established families with a husband and wife and children too as these freaks who almost genocided the white race should not live a normal life like a primary spouse as if nothing happened. These people should have almost zero rights under the law with a few exceptions such as not being allowed to beat your slave too much or kill him.

Married families should be allowed to adopt up to 2 slaves as spoils of war because after all this revolution will in fact be a full war between left and right.

Men who are adopted should be castrated and become euniches because men are generally more aggressive and could create problems inside the adoptive family. Castrated men also become more docile and softer.

In a war, normally men are killed and their women are taken as spoils but we cannot do such a thing to our own people because its inhumane and history will judge us. Besides these people are going to have brothers and sisters, parents and so on. Some of their relatives might be on our side but they will be pissed off and rightfully so if their see their relatives killed and this is why we need to punish them in the most humane possible way. Besides these men are not necessarily at full fault, they have been brainwashed by the system but don’t get confused. This doesn’t make them innocent, they still need to pay! They will enjoy happy lives as long as they are good slaves who do their job as a butler, bodyguard, driver or whatever they may be used for.

Women would not be castrated as they do not pose any serious threat to a man or a family that contains a man. In case the man who adopted her, has a child with her, the child can benefit from full rights and so can the woman have her rights restored if her master wants to but should not be allowed to flee or separate after her rights are restored, the only clause under restoration would be to remain under her owner as a secondary wife for the rest of her life, but nonetheless, a wife, not a slave anymore. She should only have her rights restored only if proven that she is no longer a leftist. In such a state surveillance should be a must-have, NSA-style and if the woman is found to be lying and in fact she continues to be leftist, she will never be able to have her rights restored again. In other words, the owner can only make one single request. First generation of male slaves should not have such a right to regain their full rights.

If the man obtains permission from his wife to adopt both females and have kids with both of them, so be it, after all we do want to raise our numbers as white people and it would be a tremendous waste to have these women wasted.

Those who don’t get adopted, are just gonna live under permanent arrest, like a life sentence. Slaves who have not been adopted and still live in camps, should be allowed to mate if they want to. Gradually by the time they reach the third generation, all forms of slavery should be abolished and everyone fully integrated back into society.

And this should be their punishment but people who would beat their slaves too much, cause them severe injuries or death must be punished by law with heavy fines or even prison time. If a slave does self-damage then brings false accusations on their masters just to cause harm to them because of pure evil, as said before the authorities would know the truth because of NSA-like surveillance, if found to be guilty, that slave should be returned to prison and banned from being adopted ever again, furthermore it would not benefit any of the other slaves benefit in the prison, such as almost normal lives, TV inside their cells, right to mate, sports in the yard, etc. almost like a permanent solitary cell unless its stupid owner decides to forgive her/him and takes her/him back.

If the slave tries to kill the owner or harm him in any way and if proven of course, the slave will be executed in public reading the following text: “He (or she) has been given a second chance, to live in a family almost a normal happy life, yet he has tried to kill his owner and he took our mercy for weakness. For this Mr. X will be sentenced to death today for treason of the highest kind.”

Of course these people could also be used as slaves in factories but it would only make state-owned factories or private factories benefit them, but what about the normal people how would they benefit from these bastards after years of suffering?

Besides they need to be reintegrated into society over time so this is the perfect solution on what we can do with these people IF we ever have our revolution and if we are to survive as a people.

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