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Top 10 Most Beautiful Military Parades in the World

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Military parades have been around since the ancient times of Rome or Persia with mighty empires and kingdoms showcasing their armies not just for a show of force but also for entertainment of their own civilians because after all military parades do have their own beauty and magic to them.

While almost the entire planet does have some kind of military parades, from large to small parades, America is perhaps one of the most strangest nations in the world for being the only major power in the world that never had and probably never will have any kind of military parades.

Donald Trump was among the first who came up with the idea of having American military parades on every 4th of July but he was met with fierce leftist opposition and he backed down.

Leftists believe that having military parades is bad because it enforces some kind of culture and tradition in a country and their main goal is to have cultureless, borderless nations but that’s for another story… So unfortunately America will probably never have any military parades to entertain their civilians.

NATO countries aren’t far from America either with one of the ugliest parade styles in the world, where soldiers just walk raising their left or right (differs from country to country) fist up, shoulder level… its almost as ugly as the Indian or Pakistani parades which are hideous with their fists raised both front and back. NATO member countries seems to have the same parade styles with a few exceptions here and there but it is worth mentioning that they all look like buffoon clowns coming from the circus, especially the British Army.

So without further due, here are the TOP 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL MILITARY PARADES IN THE WORLD that show power, precision, discipline and beauty. This top does not take into consideration any kind of armored vehicles used in the parades or true military power in case of real conflict. This top is only about soldiers parading, their marching styles and how disciplined and synchronized they are.

Number 10 – Japan
Japan is usually a disciplined country, at least in theory because in practice, the Japs weren’t that impressive but they kinda deserve being in the top because there’s something cool about them… we have to give them an excuse because up until recently they weren’t even allowed to have any army at all and they just forgot how to do proper parades. Also what can you expect from Japan, a country that even its army parade song isn’t Japanese? Their main parade song Batto Tai (抜刀隊) was composed by French musician Charles Louroux.

Number 9 – Romania
Number 9 was a tight battle fought between 3 European countries. Perhaps this position would have been given to Spain if they had more discipline. Certainly Spain has bigger parades than Romania but unfortunately they are too undisciplined and a bit too chaotic. The other contender was Poland which also has interesting parades but we really didn’t like the fact that there were only 3 columns in per battalion and they had to go trough a lot of curves as if they were in a zig-zag labyrinth, so eventually Romania won our last place. As for Romania, why the heck we in the West think this country is a non-white gypsy nation? When I look at these people parading… Romania seems way whiter than any other Western country which is nowadays full of Arabs and Africans.

Number 8 Iran
Iran often has out of sync soldiers and kind of messy and not really that disciplined but due to their Goose step style, music and determination, there is something cool about these guys that do deserve to make it in our top.

Number 7 – Cuba
Despite being a poor isolated communist country, living under US embargo for dozens of years, Cuba manages to show some really impressive military parades.

Number 6 – Venezuela
Yes everybody knows, they are evil communists… say what you want about Maduro and his socialist rule of poverty for the masses but this has nothing to do with their parades which are stunningly beautiful. Their military style is copied from Argentina which used to have similar parade styles back in the 70s but unfortunately Argentina, like USA, no longer holds any kind of parades whatsoever.

Number 5 – Serbia
Serbia definitely has its own unique parade style with their soldiers raising their knees up high, having this technique called “high-stepping”. These guys have one of the most disciplined and beautiful parades in the the world and definitely number 1 in Europe.

Number 4 – North Korea
While their modified version of German goose stepping is rather weird with their hopping as if they are drunk rabbits, North Korea does show the world extreme precision, almost zero out of sync, power and determination. Their parades are admirable to say the least.

Number 3 – Chile
Chile has parades as if they are Nazi Germany reincarnated, really extremely similar styles, precise, disciplined, really beautiful. Yes yes bla bla bla, evil nazis, we all know what you leftist crazies will say or think but this has nothing to do with politics and we have to give to Caesar’s what is his, as Jesus said and Germany definitely had beautiful parades back then and so does Chile now, quite impressive.

Number 2 – Russia
Up until only a couple of years ago Russia would have won the 1st place but sorry Russia, move along now, there’s a new bull in town. We’ll talk about that bull next, because this is about Russia. So Russia has had one of the most beautiful, well organized, massive and disciplined parades in the world since its Soviet Union times. Their parades are stunning, watch them and see what we mean. There are many other countries with similar parades such as Belarus, Ukraine, Khazakstan, Armenia but there’s no point in including them in the top as this isn’t a Top 10 Soviet-style parades.

Number 1 – China
Without any shadow of a doubt China has the best military parades in the world. It clearly deserves number 1 in our top. Their precision, style, perfect synchronization, perfect video recording and even the microphones on the floor amplifying soldiers’ steps… it gives goose bumps watching their parades, its as if they come from a distant future. China has perfectly morphed the Soviet parades with the Nazi Germany parades into a perfect futuristic out of this planet parade. Despite being invented in Germany, Nazi Germany never had a 100% precise goosestepping style parade like the Chinese have. In fact Germans were quite chaotic often times and out of sync, with some soldiers raising their feet too high and others too low and so on, but if you look at the Chinese… damn…. they have perfected the goosestepping style to a point where they look as if they are all robots. Soldiers start marching at 1:19:50

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