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ICE writes Angry Letter to Trump calling Treason and "Stabbing America in Back"

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ICE is angry on Trump, after they endorsed him for president as a first time ever ICE endorsement. Now they are angry on him and his administration for his inaction. During the campaign Trump said a lot of things, he’s gonna do this and that and bla bla bla and now look at him, nothing, all talk no action president.

National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane has launched a withering attack upon the Trump administration for failing to remove “incompetent, corrupt and anti-enforcement” Obama-era ICE appointees, saying that what is happening is “an embarrassment to the American people, and a stab in the back to the men and women of law enforcement.”

The astonishing attack is contained in a new website built by the ICE Council—a body which represents thousands of Officers, Agents and employees who work for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement—set up to specifically draw attention to Trump’s failure to adhere to his pre-election promises.

The new website, JIC Report, describes itself as a “revolutionary new website that allows employee whistleblowers from within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to communicate directly with the American people.”

ICE Council president Crane risked his position during the 2016 election campaign when he campaigned for Trump—because usually public servant organizations do not involve themselves in presidential election politics—but the situation was so desperate that Crane felt he had no alternative but to try and prevent a Clinton presidency, which he said would be a “cataclysm.”

A statement by Crane on the JCI Report website says that “candidate Donald Trump and his staff promised ICE Officers that they would work directly with them to restore order within ICE after a grueling eight years of anti-law enforcement sentiment and all out hatred toward ICE Officers from within the Obama administration.”

This Obama-directed campaign “literally left ICE Officers with the lowest morale in the entire federal government according to government surveys,” Crane said.

Now however, the statement continued, “ICE Officers grudgingly admit that the only President they ever endorsed hasn’t kept his word, and many officers now feel betrayed.”

The Trump administration has, the statement continues, “left all of the Obama managers and leadership in place, a group that ICE Officers know after the last eight years to be completely incompetent, corrupt and anti-enforcement.”

According to the statement, “tensions are on the rise between Trump’s army of Obama holdovers and boots on the ground officers in the field, as behind the scenes Obama holdovers continue to undermine law enforcement operations and wage war against their own law enforcement officers.”

“The Trump administration isn’t working with us at all, and that’s the sad truth of it,” Crane said.

“We have written commitments that the White House would be working directly with us every day, but it’s not happening.”

Crane said that Trump’s staff had “told us that they refuse to give the President our messages and they refuse to set up a meeting with the President.

“And America is about to find out if President Trump is a man of his word who truly cares about law enforcement, as ICE Officers are now attempting to communicate with the President publicly to bypass those who are fighting to keep ICE Officers out.”

Crane had sent a letter to President Trump, outlining the pressing issued facing ICE officials and the service in general. The letter, available on the JCI Report website here, states, inter alia:

– That ICE managers have ordered officers in the field “not to wear bullet proof vests because illegal aliens might find it offensive.”

– ICE managers have made deals with city officials whereby ICE Officers are required to give seven days’ notice to city officials and receive permission from the same city officials before entering their city to effect federal immigration arrests. This results in city officials tipping off ICE targets so that they can evade arrest.

– ICE management enforces a “vicious ‘guilty until proven innocent’” policy against its own officers. This allows any invader to lodge a complaint, not matter how meaningless or unjustified, which results in an instant suspension, a 25 percent pay cut, and an investigation which lasts on average between 18 and 24 months. “ICE favors criminal aliens over its own officers and demonstrates no concern for the welfare of its officers and their families,” the letter said.

– ICE’s Acting Director Thomas Homan spends millions every year to provide free vehicles and gas to hundreds of ICE managers for the sole purpose of driving between home and work each day. “Where do they get these vehicles?,” the letter asks, before answering the question: “ They take them away from their own officers and law enforcement operations in the field leaving officers with insufficient equipment to perform the Agency’s mission.”

– ICE managers have prevented the issuance of Tasers to officers in the field, as assaults against officers escalated dramatically.

– ICE leadership has policies which penalize and prevent officers from taking earned vacation days and sick leave, even though a federal arbitrator has ordered these rules to be rescinded. “The penalties are so severe that officers stand to lose 25% of their annual pay and retirement just for taking earned vacation or sick days.”

“Currently, ICE employees are outraged by a member of senior ICE leadership who was appointed by Acting Director Thomas Homan who allegedly took pictures of his genitals and sent them to female employees, yet remains an ICE supervisor and a member of one of the federal government’s highest pay brackets — the Senior Executive Service (SES) receiving a salary of approximately $184,000 a year,” the letter continues.

“ICE employees do not wish to work for individuals who send female employees pictures of their genitals on government equipment. Managers who engage in these types of activities should be immediately terminated or at minimum demoted to non-supervisory positions, yet these types of activities and worse are commonplace among ICE managers and they simply continue to get promoted.”

“While I have spoken to your staff regarding large scale investigations aimed at making significant changes in the Agency, we have received no assistance.

“I am now asking that you please direct your staff to work directly with us in commencing investigations and making swift changes. This letter only scratches the surface of the problems that plague this beleaguered agency.”

“Attempts to communicate concerns to you and requests for meetings with you are simply ignored. ICE managers laugh and claim that ‘Trump used you and threw you away like trash when he was done with you.’

“I assure our officers daily that the only President ever endorsed by ICE Officers has not turned his back on them, he’s simply not aware of what’s happening. Unable to penetrate your staff and communicate with you, we were left with no choice but to communicate publicly.

“Our new website will address problems within ICE and add transparency as we attempt to assist you in keeping your promise to America of ‘draining the swamp.’”


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  1. rh2 says:

    Trump is not fulfilling the promises he made during his run for the MAGA Presidency. Almost as soon as he took power, he changed into a Lefty Tool. Why or how that happened is a mystery to many who voted for him. Could it be that he was “taken over” by his daughter Jovanka and her hubby Kushner, and is now carrying out THEIR anti-American, pro-NWO agenda instead of his own? It’s mere speculation, but it’s all very strange that a man who appeared so patriotic on the campaign trail ( Drain the Swamp! ) has become just another swamp creature himself. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde mystery that has yet to be solved. . .

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