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Barbie to release new Ninja Muslim doll with Hijab

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For too long, Barbie was CIS heteronormative racist nazi white supremacist blonde woman!

Now, we’ve finally got a Muslim barbie doll to give to the kids, all dressed up in a white Hijab and carrying a sword like a ninja. If you put her helmet on you’ve yourself a full Burqa Ninja doll.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is quite a doll – literally. She’s thrilled to have inspired a Barbie in her likeness, and especially proud that the doll will be the first Barbie to wear a hijab. “This is a childhood dream come true,” she posted. The doll is part of the “She-ro” line.

It also appears to be the first tranny Barbie doll.

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