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Austria: Zero Employment Rate amongst “Refugees”

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New official figures from the Austrian Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice, AMS) show that none of the 90,000 Third Worlders pretending to be refugees in that country are employed, and that all are still parasiting off the welfare system nearly three years after they invaded that country.

According to a report by the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ)’s news service, a new report from the AMS said that as of the end of October 2018, about 29,872 “recognized refugees and their beneficiaries” were registered as unemployed.

But, as the report pointed out, a further 3,000 “refugees” do not appear in the AMS’s unemployment statistics “due to insufficient German language skills” and tens of thousands of others are “missing” from the statistics.

Quoting AMS board member Johannes Kopf, the report also revealed that the new figures do not include “refugees” taking basic German courses in the regions of Salzburg, Tyrol, Vienna, and Vorarlberg—where most are congregated—because they are still busy with “basic German language courses.”

Invaders doing these courses are not registered as “seeking work,” at least until they are finished the course.

“Therefore, in these four federal states, those refugees are usually only recorded in the AMS statistics about three months later,” Kopf was quoted as saying.

The article went on to point that that “there is a stark discrepancy with the Ministry of the Interior’s asylum statistics and those registered at the Public Employment Service.”

According to the Ministry’s figures, in the period January 2016 to September 2017, there were 49,775 “positive” asylum application outcomes.

“As a result, around 20,000 recognized asylum seekers are missing in the unemployment statistics or in the German AMS courses,” the article pointed out.

Contradictory figures about the number of invaders who have “disappeared” during the asylum procedure are also evident.

The report says that according to the Federal Office for Aliens and Asylum, “only” 11,477 asylum seekers have disappeared since the beginning of January 2016—but as the employment figures indicate, this figure is in excess of 20,000.

The figures mean that when the number of officially-registered unemployed fake refugees is added to those “still being processed,” those on government-sponsored language courses, and those who have “disappeared,” almost none of the 90,000 invaders who claimed “asylum” in Austria, are working.


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  • mark


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  • FNLehner

    Make the liberals pay personally, with a Social Transformation Tax. Liberal extremists work hard to ruin society. Reward them, fittingly.

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  • VarAway

    Do our liberal ” friends ” now understand why Australia does NOT allow ANY of those
    Illegal migrants to set foot ashore in Australia?
    Why Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia are NOT accepting the ” orders ”
    from the NON elected Brussels EU Eurocrats, to open their borders?

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  • sarah

    Didn’t Austria just vote in some guy who promised to start nailing this sort of nonsense?

    Do what my nation does, with illegal arrivals. Tell them they can either head back to where they came from (and we’ll pay for it, just to be nice) or they can get parked in indefinite detention in Papua New Guinea or Nauru and they’ll be stuck there for however long it takes to weed through all their lies and deceit and track down who they really are back home.

    And then we’ll decide if they’re a true refugee or not. If they are a true refugee – great. You get to claim asylum in Papua New Guinea or Nauru. They are both places that are safe and far removed from the troubles in your homeland. Or, if they are assessed as not being a refugee (the vast majority) then they are sent packing.

    There’s a reason why the people smugglers don’t bother sending illegals our way anymore – everyone knows they’ll never, ever, ever get into Australia, no matter what their circumstances are. If you want to seek asylum with us – fine. Go to the nearest UN camp and register and prove to them first that you need asylum. Then wait for us to vet you ourselves – and then you get invited to come here.

    These people are extremely self entitled. There is absolutely no justification for any of them to demand asylum in Austria. It is not the nearest safe nation for them, by any stretch of the imagination. Lock them up, prove who they really are and that they are not trouble in their home nations – and then if you can confidently say that they are in fact, refugees – offer them temporary protection visas. And send them packing as soon as its safe to do so.

    Or you can accept the alternative. Your nation being overrun by foreigners with zero interest in integrating to your culture who have no desire (and rarely the skills or education) to work and pay tax and who will just drain your welfare dry and bring great risk in the form of their religion to your doors. Your choice. Your consequences.

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  • Hopefully, Kurt and Strache will stop this insanity. They have already cut the monthly allowance for refugees from over 900 Euros to around 500 euros per month but in reality, they should get nothing but a tent and a sandwich, then put back on a boat or plane and shipped back to whatever gutter they crawled out of.

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