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Top 9 Apps for Students: Writing Papers, Exam Preparation, Time Management

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There are lots of apps out there for people who are writing or learning, whatever their intentions are. The apps range from apps which help with editing, apps which help people prepare for exams, and apps which can help me write. Some people might prefer to use a service like essaykitchen.net, which writes papers for money, but some other people might find that their problems (which they would otherwise have gone to a writing service with) are solved with the help of the apps which they can now use. Apps are increasingly being incorporated into the educational system because of their adaptability and popularity among the student body as a whole. This article does not contain all the apps which are available, but it has most of the more important ones, and is hopefully a good introduction to the topic.

Apps for Writing College Papers

Apps for writing college papers include apps which help with editing and sentence structure, to help people who are writing to better understand where they are going wrong, and how they can improve their work.

  • Grammarly – Grammarly is an app which is described as a language enhancing platform by its creators. Launched in 2009, Grammarly allows users to proofread their papers and works, as well as find plagiarism sources. The app has more than two hundred and fifty grammar rules uploaded onto it for the user’s benefit.
  • Hemingway – the Hemingway app shows people what their writing is like by highlighting different sections in different colours, so that they can see what they need to improve or change. Yellow and red both indicate a sentence which is too long – you can either split it, or simplify it in some way – while other options, such as pinks, give you the option to change individual words to simpler ones, and even offer suggestions. Hemingway is something which people can actively use to improve their writing, as it shows them how to improve, and gives suggestions.
  • ProWritingAid – this is an editing tool which has a multifunctional approach – it was specifically designed to help people rewrite and redraft their work. It helps with possible changes to be made to the work, and it offers ideas as to how things in the text can be made more readable and accessible for everyone involved. This involves highlighted texts which can be moused over, and which display possible changes to the writer, as a way of showing them how to make the necessary changes. ProWritingAid is an app which is seen as very useful for people who are reworking first drafts into something presentable.

Apps for Exam Preparation

These apps exist specifically to help people prepare for and work on their exams, whatever they need to study. The apps give them different ways to revise, and help them plan out their revision.

  • Exam Prep App – this app gives free help for people studying for exams by offering pass papers and study questions in both English and Hindi for people using it.
  • Grade Up – this app allows people to access all kinds of resources and tests for free, as well as being set up in such a way as to allow you to test yourself and others using the app. People can also talk to other people who are also using the app to study for similar exams.
  • Aptitude Test and Preparation – this app has seven unique options for whatever exam you are wanting to practice for, to give users the widest range of practice and tips as possible. The practice mode allows you to make changes based on how exactly you want to study and prepare for the exam in question.

Apps for Time Management

Apps for time management exist to help people divide up their time, to help them remember appointments, and, in the case of exam studying, helps them to divide up their time and revise appropriately.

  • Wunderlist – this app allows you to manage specific tasks, breaking down your schedule into different tasks throughout the day. The app is available for smartphone, tablet, and wearable technologies.
  • To-do – this is a cloud based technology which allows people to manage specific tasks and times through various pieces of technology, such as smartphones, tablets, or wearable technologies.
  • Studious – this app has an in-built calendar which allows people to track their appointments, including different colours to help distinguish different tasks. People who use the app can also set notifications for their appointments, and support links. The app is fully compatible with tablets.


Most people are quite happy to go to a writing service and say ‘write my paper for me’ to them, but these apps can help to change the way we look at time management and writing, to see if we could actually work on the problems ourselves to become better writers. While the apps given in this article cover three major areas, they are only scratching the surface of what is available – there are so many apps available that anybody can find one to suit themselves.

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