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US company releases Harmony, the first sex-robot that moves, talks & updates learning AI

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US company Realbotix which is a subsidiary of RealDoll has just released a realistic sex robot that moves, talks and even does auto-updates to its AI software as long as it has an internet connection. The AI is also able to learn information that it does not understand or have in its database. So its a learning AI… interesting….

Even though the the product is still primitive and more like a doll than a robot, these people seem determined and with their small resources they are making progress. Sure the AI sounds completely retarded when compared to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cortana (the computer version not the mobile version) which has a fluent voice like that of a human but at least you can actually hear the doll talk… and the interesting part which is a first is that this robot is actually connected to the internet and can get updates to its AI. Interesting…

The head and lip movement also look completely retarded when compared to Hanson Robotics for example or

On top of that the “robot” costs a whooping $15.000 and the question is why would anyone pay such a high price for a retarded doll when with $15.000 they could bang like 150 different prostitutes. That’s a lot of sex with a lot of women.

The developers however are promising a walking sex-robot in the next 10 years that would be more advanced than their current “robot” and would cost cheaper. Sure cutting the cost to perhaps somewhere around $1000 per robot is important if they want to succeed on the other hand, making it walk and talk and be cheap at the same time is only doable in words. Companies will be unable to do that for real but unless they do so, it will never go viral, except for a few creeps here and there no one in his right mind would spend more than $1000 for a robot when with $1000 they could experience 10 real women. Yeah there are plenty of women that sell themselves for $100, most do it for even less then that so the robot is completely useless at this price.

The robot is so useless they you have to talk to your phone or tablet in order to communicate to Harmony. LOL! Who came up with this bright idea? Why not incorporate a bunch of microphones into the robot itself?

So despite the developers promising fully functional sex-robots in the next 10 years, I however think that its gonna come perhaps in the next 100 years. Despite human pride and arrogance, technology is progressing at least 10 times slower than we actually think. Look at HONDA’s ASIMO for example. It is regarded as the most advanced robot in the world… it took more than 40 years to develop it since it started in the ’70 yet on occasion ASIMO still falls on stairs and still has to be pushed around by someone from behind like a marionette, without being able to make any major solitary decisions.

Unless all robotic and AI producers out there band together and combine their knowledge to produce a full functional robot, a realistic robot will not hit the markets by storm anywhere near in the next 100 years which is good thing. It is good that they are not collaborating and they are all in competition with each other racing to create the perfect robot by themselves! This is not like inventing the car or the TV. A robot has to be really complex and without team work it will never happen, because some have to but again good! Let them compete! You should only start worrying when you see all those companies together at the same table… from Unless you see these companies combining their efforts such as Honda ASIMO’s walking, running and general body stability combining their research with AIST’s HRP-4C perfect body shape, Hanson Robotics’ almost perfect heads with human expressions, RealDoll’s perfect silicone and Shadow Robot Hand ans since that’s never gonna happen you don’t have to worry.

So nothing to worry here ladies, men are still yours for the next 100 years but you should start getting worried though because once these robots are out… damn…. no one is gonna want a real woman and its all because of feminism. And yes this is dangerous because people will stop making children as they partner with these pieces of walking metal and rubber.

As expected feminists oppose these robots but good let them oppose, after you watch this video, continue to read the article as we explain WHY these crazy psycho feminists are actually right, sex robots are indeed bad for our society but there’s not much to worry for the next 100 years.

The girl in this video is actually right, women have long had their toys, the dildos, now men created their own toys, just better and she is generally right almost 100% in all what she says yet there should either be regulations on these bots or banned altogether because they do pose a threat to humanity, but worry not as we explained before you won’t see a sex robot walking around having normal conversations like a human for the next 100 years and until then, no one is gonna rush to buy a strange lifeless robot that can just move its lips and eye lids.

Women cannot fall in love with their dildoes as they cannot have conversations with them and they do not have a full human body but these robots are another story.

Do not support this industry, don’t buy such a doll and discourage anyone from buying such a doll/robot. Its not enough that we white people have the lowest birth rate in the world, now this is what we needed. If this robot succeeds we’re doomed, who’s gonna be making children when our men will find pleasure in inanimate objects instead of real women?

In fact this robot should be banned for sale to single men of reproducing age. It should only be sold to men who already paid their duty to the country and who had children. No children??? No sex robot! It should be as simple as that! If you fantasize about threesomes without cheating on your wife (because this would technically be like masturbating, after all its not human, just rubber) or simply spice up your sex life with your wife, first do your duty to the society and make some children and only then you should be allowed to buy this robot.

What guarantee does the country have that once a single man buys a robot he will not end up living his entire life and dying of old age next to his young looking robot, single and childless? All that should be required is for the man to reproduce first and then seek other pleasures.

Banning them altogether is also not possible in a capitalist society, after all these machines can produce huge profits and wherever there is profit, companies will storm to cash in.

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