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Spain Vows Brutal Crackdown on Catalonia if they Continue with their Independence Nonsense

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We’re honestly with Spain on this one. This is Divide et Impera all over again! This is the hand of some wealthy elites who want to use Catalonia as a gateway for for non-European invaders breaking into Europe. There are already 2 gateways, one is Greece and the second is Italy. Now it looks like this isn’t enough the the globalist elites want a third gate, Catalonia which is run by leftist globalist elites.

Besides the referendum election was a total fraud! Catalans living in Spain, outside of the Catalonian region were not allowed to vote. This is a total fraud. Leftists already have enough territory, we need to stand our ground and not give these people an inch! This is not about MUH RACE or MUH CULTURE AND SH*T! No the Catalans don’t give a shit about their own culture, just look at that photo for example, yeah, black people you’re all welcome, Spanish people, go home! Right…

This isn’t right! If they want independence so badly what are they gonna do with it? They wanna be in the EU and take hoards of migrants, so what difference will it make?

Catalonia held a controversial independence referendum earlier this month drawing the condemnation of leaders in Madrid and Brussels.

After a huge Yes victory during a polling day marred by police brutality, Catalonia initially signed a letter declaring independence before immediately suspending it.

Spain has since refused to entertain independence talks despite huge protests calling for peaceful discussion.

And today Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont said the regional parliament could vote on a formal declaration of independence from Spain if the central government failed to hold talks.

He has ignored a deadline to drop Catalonia’s secession bid and instead accelerated moves for an independent state.

In response Madrid said it would take extreme steps and remove the autonomy of Catalonia.

Mr Puigdemont threatened independence in a letter to the Spanish government in which he wrote some nonsense.

In response, Spain threatens to completely remove Catalonia’s power of autonomy.

Madrid said Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy would trigger Article 155 of the constitution, suspending Catalonia’s autonomy.

A special cabinet meeting will be held on Saturday.

Just look at these people, its all feminazi women with hippie/hipster glasses.

So you see why we’re on Spain’s side on this one?


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