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South Africa: Farmer Killed as Whites Pointlessly Protest

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Even as thousands of white South Africans turned out in force to block roads and publicly protest the genocide of white famers in that country, the pointlessness of their action—and their total failure to understand the cause of the anti-white violence—was demonstrated with the news that yet another white farmer was murdered by black criminals on the same day.

The latest murder, which took place in the Kwa Zulu-Natal province, saw vegetable farmer Bokkie Potgieter (73), murdered with what police called a “bush knife.” His body was then dumped in the back of his pickup, and the murderers then drove off, most likely with the intention of dumping their victim’s body elsewhere.

The murderers however crashed the pickup, and fled the scene.

The murder coincided with mass demonstration all over the country by white South Africans against the ongoing farm murders by black criminals in that country—and also demonstrated that the average white South African still has no idea for the cause of the violence: namely, their completely dependence on black labor.

The demonstrations, named “black Monday” —because of a call to wear black clothes—were sparked off by a video made by a farmer in the Western Cape town of Franschoek, Chris Loubser, in which he pleaded with South Africans to oppose the attacks after another farm attack in the Klapmuts area of Stellenbosch in which farmer Joubert Conradie was shot dead.

Loubser’s call was taken up by two major agricultural organizations—mainly representing the 34,000 remaining white farmers in the country— AfriForum and AgriSA.

AgriSA president Dan Kriek was quoted in the South African media last week as saying that “farm attacks and their brutality must be strongly condemned by all South Africans.

“We think of the thousands of fellow South Africans who have lost their lives during the past year as a result of violent crime, 52 murders a day. Many farmers and farmworkers count among those who have paid the highest price,” Kriek said.

He added that the “34 000 farmers were suffering the effects of drought, natural disasters and policy uncertainty, while also trying to protect their lives and produce food for 55 million South Africans.”

The farmers and their supporters gathered in their thousands, blocking roads in a day of protests and white activism that has not been seen in decades.

However, the murder committed the same day illustrates that very few—if any—people in South Africa understand the true cause of the violence.

The farmers who are being attacked all employ hundreds of black laborers on their farms—and are thus massively outnumbered in these rural areas.

In addition, white households in urban South Africa also almost all employ black domestic servants and gardeners—by the hundreds of thousands—with the result that they are also heavily outnumbered in all parts of the country.

If white South Africans truly wanted to free themselves of the murderous campaign of violence being directed against them, they would not be bothering blocking highways and other useless protest actions, but would rather be busy building self-sustained communities where they do all their own manual labor themselves.

For farm murders—and anti-white violence—will only stop once white South Africans form majorities within their own areas, and not before.

Only a handful of whites in South Africa have understood this fact, and they have settled in the town of Orania, where they do all their own work, and the surrounding farmers have mechanized or employ other whites.

It is no co-incidence that there has never been a murder or serious crime in the more than two decades of Orania’s existence—and only the willingly blind will fail to understand the lesson that brings.


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