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Russia Releases 360 Space video, Take That Flat Earthers! Ultimate PROOF!

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Flat Earth is a mental disorder of astronomical proportions… after all it can only be proven wrong through astronomy! Haha!

Flat Earthers like to argue that the Earth is flat because NASA isn’t trustworthy and they are “hiding the truth”! This conspiracy is so insane is funny! How could NASA “hide” anything like that? Its not like America is the only country in the world that went into space.

What about Russia? In fact Russia is the FIRST country in the world to send a man into space, Yuri Gagarin??? Does it ring any bell? Read some history you lunatics!

So why would Russia’s space agency Roscosmos take NASA’s side and allegedly “hide the truth”? What about China? For fu*ks sake even Iran and North Korea sent rockets into space launching their own satellites!!!

None of these countries including Russia and China are friends of America so why would they “hide the truth”? OK, I can understand agencies like EU’s ESA or Japan’s JAXA taking NASA’s side as these countries are natural allies of America but what about these countries which are considered rogue states? Why would they play America’s game?

There is no “truth”! The only truth is that Flat Earthers are mentally ill and we need to address this because their numbers is growing alarmingly. Why would “rogue states” (according to America) “conceal the truth”? Why would they aid America?

These are nations America considers its number one enemy and the Americans are ready to go to war and even nuke these “rogue nations”. Whether they are rogue or not is another topic, I for one think that its America who is the rogue nation that has to be brought before a trial similar to the Nuremberg trials. Whenever they don’t like someone, they bomb them… forced “democracy”. Live like I do and like I say or else…

Whenever I go to YouTube I find a “ULTIMATE PROOF THE EARTH IS FLAT” video in my recommendations! This is becoming really irritating! We cannot allow such a medieval conspiracy to succeed in 2017! THE EARTH IS A GLOBE!

You wanna follow a conspiracy? There are plenty of realistic conspiracies with some truth to them out there. Follow them instead. Here’s a bunch of examples: the earth is only 6000 years old, Jews control the world, the holocaust didn’t happen, America funded ISIS, 9/11 was an inside job, chem trails, fluoride in the tap water, white genocide, effemination of the western man through chemicals in food and plenty of others.

But flat earth? Seriously? What kind of BS is this? Just look at this freaking video and STFU already! Remember, this is from mother Russia! Idiots!

I can already BET that there will be Flat Earthers saying this is “FAKE, photoshopped”… yeah right! Whatever, go back to your cave!

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