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Russia is arming the Islamic world with State of the Art Weapons

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While we have been quite defensive of Russia for being a sovereign state minding their own business what they are doing now is totally unacceptable and scandalous!

After arming Syria with state of the art S-300 missile defense systems, they then went on and armed Iran with the same weapons despite a UN ban prohibiting Russia from selling such powerful weapons to Iran.

Now guess what Putin is doing! He is now arming Turkey which is a strong anti-European country threatening to conquer Europe with S-400 missiles and perhaps even S-500!!! These are the most powerful missile defense systems in the world.

Sure they are for defense, not for attack, YET has Russia so easily forgotten when Turkey downed their SU-24 bomber in Syria and refused to issue a simple apology?

Has Russia already forgotten about the Russo-Turkish war from 1877-1878 that ended the Ottoman Empire and their imperialism in Eastern Europe? Russia was a Christian liberator back then, now they seem obsessed with befriending Muslims.

Now shortly after Turkey, Russia is looking to arm Saudi Arabia with S-400 missiles of all places, a Wahhabi country in which no one has any rights, especially women.

What the hell is wrong with Vladimir Putin? Why is he arming all those Muslims who then come to Europe and conduct terrorist attacks?

Putin is arming all those Islamic states and he is proud of his country’s friendship with them, all while at the same time he is at open conflict with America and the European Union who are naturally Russia’s brother countries who share the same Christian religion, the same traditions, cultures and the same white European race of people.

Why does Russia has to be the black sheep all the freaking time? Just 50 years ago while the entire world was democratic they were communists, now they are Muslim supporters. Unbelievable!

Instead of being friends with Europe and America, Putin is their enemy. Why is Russia arming all those Muslim countries who are opposing the white Christian world?

Someone most stop Putin and these weapons must not reach the hands of those evil barbarians!

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