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Leftists Now Say Hoop Earrings are ‘Cultural Appropriation’

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The latest cause célèbre drawing the ire of Social Justice Warriors is none other than hoop earrings.

In an article entitled, “Hoop Earrings Are My Culture, Not Your Trend,” hispanic Vice writer Ruby Pivet accuses white women of appropriating the fashion accessory.

“Hoops exist across many minority groups as symbols of resistance, strength and identity,” Pivet writes.

White females, Pivet claims, are receiving praise for the “trend” while minorities are stereotyped.

“White girls did not start the ‘trend’ of over-sized hoop earrings and yet they’re the ones being praised for donning the ‘edgy’ style,” Pivet says. “Meanwhile, women of colour who wear them face racial stereotypes or the assumption that they’re participating in a disposable trend.”

Pointing to a recent Vogue article discussing hoop earrings, Pivet alleges the jewelry item is only taken seriously when donned by white females.

“They credited a bunch of mainly white models with starting the trend and even proclaimed that ‘bigger is better.’ Never has that been the case when it comes to women of colour wearing over-sized gold hoops,” Pivet adds. “A style that links so heavily with identity is not taken seriously until it is seen on a white woman.”

The article goes on to praise three latina women who earlier this year created a mural demanding white girls remove their earrings.

“This is about how women of colour can’t wear their own style and culture because they are looked down upon when they do so… But on the other hand, white females are allowed to appropriate the fashion when it is beneficial to them or makes them look edgy,” one of the women said regarding the art piece.

Hoop earrings now join an ever-expanding list of everyday items deemed racist or offensive by the so-called “progressive” left.

So this hispanic/latina/mexican/mestizo/whatever woman is proclaiming that her Mexicants invented the earrings! This is like arguing over who invented the fire or the wheel. The use of the earring is so ancient that it is impossible to pinpoint where they were first invented and used. We’ve got 3 BESIDES for this idiot:

Besides 1 – Back then countries were not interconnected through cellphones, internet and stuff like we are today so her damn earrings could have simultaneously been invented in multiple locations across the globe at the same time. It is impossible to pinpoint where they first appeared and even if you do, it is irrelevant as lets say 10 years later they also get invented in another country. Sure the first is the first, therefore the inventor but since the people from that second country had no contact with the first country of invention, this is an authentic invention in both countries and you cannot accuse the second country of stealing. For example lets say they first appeared in Greece, then 100 years later they appear in Maya, can you say Maya stole or culturally appropriated Greece? Of course not, Maya had no contact with Greece. In fact the Americas were discovered only in 1492. Can you say the Mayans stole the damn earrings from Greece? Of course not, they didn’t even know that Greece existed, let alone that they were the first who invented the hoop earrings, in fact they thought they were the only land on a flat Earth, and so did Europe. There is no rightful owner on these things!

This is so stupid it is hard to put it into words…. it gives me a headache thinking about it. No one stole anything from anyone you liberal lunatic!

Besides 2 – According to archeology and Wikipedia the earliest recorded signs of wearing “her” facking hoop earrings are in fact in ANCIENT GREECE, 2000 BEFORE CHRIST. That’s like 4000 years ago. So you could name Greece as the inventor of the hoop earrings not the Mayans, Aztecs or whatever Mexicans from the Americas, BUT with that said, other countries were also using those damn earrings such as Egypt, India, Korea, Japan. Again this is like arguing over who invented fire or the wheel or who was the first man that discovered fish, fruits or veggies or whatever is edible. This is completely retarded and people like Ruby Pivet should not be written about in the press. Why is the press constantly giving so damn much attention to all those retards with 70-80 IQ??? Just ignore them, they are mentally ill.

Besides 3 – Even if that was true and the Hoop Earrings are invented by Mexicans and white women should not use them because they are a “Cultural Appropriation” then Pivet should stop using a lot of white Europe stuff immediately! Stop typing on a computer, stop driving a car, stop flying with a plane, stop wearing our Western cloths, go back to your feather clothes and in fact you should stop speaking English, use your own Mayan language and no Pivet, not even Spanish! Why do you cultural appropriate us whites?

These people… they are crazy beyond words but if no one stands up to them and spits them in their face, they are gonna insist until they get it their way no matter how retarded it is.

But this is the effect of living in a multicultural society. These people hate us and they attack us on every front because they wanna take our place and replace us not living in harmony with us.

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