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Chinese Woman Partially Loses Vision After Gaming Marathon

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A 21-year-old Chinese woman lost sight in one eye after playing a popular video game on her mobile phone nonstop for a whole day.

The young woman was addicted to a video game called Honour of Kings. She was having a gaming marathon, having played it for hours, when suddenly she went blind in her right eye, South China Morning Post reported.

At the hospital she was diagnosed with retinal artery occlusion.

A local doctor was quoted as saying that retinal artery occlusion was a condition linked with elderly people and it is rarely seen in the young; however, the woman’s blindness was most likely caused by severe eyestrain.

The young woman said that she had become so obsessed with the game that she would play it after work and all day on the weekends.

“On days when I have no work, I usually get up at 6 a.m., eat breakfast and play until 4 p.m. Then I’ll eat something, have a nap and play until 1a.m.,” she said.

She added that sometimes she would become so absorbed in the game that she would forget to eat altogether.


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