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9 Million People Killed Worldwide by Pollution in 2015, 2.5mn in India and 1.8mn in China

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Deaths caused by pollution topped 9 million in 2015, or three times the figure from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined, and almost 15 times as many as war and other forms of violence, scientists say.

The alarm was sounded in Thursday’s report by The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, an international group of over 40 authors writing on health and environment.

One in six premature deaths around the world are caused by pollution, the report claims. These are not spread evenly, with 92 percent happening in “low-income and middle-income countries.” Of any single country, India bears the brunt with 2.5 million people killed by pollution in 2015, followed by China with 1.8 million.

While developed countries are far from immune from the hazards, their form of pollution are more “modern,” like fossil fuel combustion and chemicals, while developing countries have biomass fuels. The Lancet report identifies air pollution, mostly caused by the burning of various fuels, as the worst killer. Its dangers lie in respiratory and heart diseases including lung cancer, which can develop from long-term exposure.

“With globalization, mining and manufacturing shifted to poorer countries, where environmental regulations and enforcement can be lax,” Reuters quotes Karti Sandilya, one of the authors and an adviser to environmental group Pure Earth.

“People in poorer countries – like construction workers in New Delhi – are more exposed to air pollution and less able to protect themselves from exposure, as they walk, bike or ride the bus to workplaces that may also be polluted.”

The harm from pollution, the report says, is not just measured in people’s health and lives. It estimates the monetary cost in welfare losses at $4.6 trillion per year, or 6.2 percent of global economic output.


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3 Responses to " 9 Million People Killed Worldwide by Pollution in 2015, 2.5mn in India and 1.8mn in China "

  1. Kyle Hill says:

    During the election era there was actual (gasp) blue sky. Several people noticed on the web including one youtuber who posted a video “Less Chemtrails since Trump elected? Never Mind” as he updated saying they went back to spraying.

    Now the only time there is decent blue sky is if it’s hot/unusually dry weather and there is no chance of rain on the models. Once the rains show up they start spraying like crazy and before you know it the rain chances dwindle. Odd huh. :p We no longer get normal ocean layer clouds. It has to be a well organized system.

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  2. Kyle Hill says:

    Chem spraying doesn’t help. Except for a brief time when Trump was elected (Which is when Cali got heavy rain) the spraying is worse then ever with white planes going every which direction here in Oregon where the normal flight path is Seattle WA to Sacramento.

    These planes just come from SE TO NW or NE to SW and there are no airports that way except a few hangers for prop planes. Newport airport is the biggest and it’s crappy.

    These white planes have no ID and fly higher then commercial airliners. (30,000) feet or flight level 300.

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  3. Numb3rTech says:

    Authors? Not even true academic people with real life credentials in the associated fields? Maybe strip them all of any education, finances, etc., and let them live real lives with normal people. They might try to write about the evils of Monsanto’s GMO’s then, maybe the dangers of globalization or even the evils of their own governments!

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