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61,659 Invaders Demand “Refuge” in Europe in August 2017

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At least 61,659 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees lodged “asylum” applications in Europe during the month of August 2017, while the total number of recorded invaders landing in Europe for the first nine and half months of the year topped 155,377, new figures have shown.

According to the United Nations’ “International Organization for Migration,” (IOM), there have been 155,377 “arrivals” in Europe for the period January 1 to October 18, 2017.

Of this number, 146,849 have invaded Europe by sea, and 8,528 by land, the IOM figures showed. IN 2016, the IOM added, 387,895 “arrivals” landed in Europe.

The nationalities of the “arrivals” reveals once again that the invaders are all fakers who are taking advantage of race-blind European liberalism to parasite off the welfare system, and are in no sense actual “refugees.”

According to the IOM, the main nationalities of the “arrivals” (in descendant order) for August 2017 were as follows:

To Italy: Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Mali.

To Greece: the Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Republic of the Congo.

To Bulgaria: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, the Syrian Arab Republic, and Iran.

For the period from October 12 to 18, at least 18 invaders were registered—and promptly detained—IN Hungary, a 57 percent decrease from the previous period from October 5 to 11, when 42 invaders claiming to be “refugees” were registered.

Significantly, no invaders were registered in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for the same period, an indication that the “Balkans route” has been largely closed, thanks to the fence-building program started by the Hungarian government.

According to the European Asylum Support Office, in August 2017 there were 61,659 “applications for international protection” in the European Union.

Almost four percent of all the applicants claimed to be unaccompanied minors (UAMs), with the latest number claiming to be Afghans (15 % of all UAM applicants), followed by Eritreans (10 %), Gambians and Pakistanis (8 % each).

Meanwhile, on the Italian island of Lampedusa, at least 845 Tunisians pretending to be “refugees” have arrived over a four day period, local media reported.

The 845 scroungers included 93 claiming to be minors invaded the tiny island during the period October 10 to 14, according to the Tunisian secretary of state of immigration and Tunisians abroad, Adel Jarboui.

Jarboui said a Tunisian delegation would soon be visiting Italy to look into the situation. The visit “will also be an opportunity to identify, together with the Italian authorities, possible resources for combating illegal migration,” he continued.

The new wave of is at least “partly due to false information circulating on Facebook claiming the Italian authorities have decided to regularise the migrants’ situation,” he explained.

In Nigeria, the Federal Government through the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons, said that at least 200,346 Nigerians had “fled” that country in 2016 and were granted refugee status in neighbouring countries while about 36,000 others arrived in Europe by sea.

Federal Commissioner Sadiya Farouq said the 36,000 Nigerians were reported to him by the Italian Ministry of Interior, and accounted for 21 per cent of the total number of invaders who had landed in the latter country.

* In Switzerland, Eritreans are now the number one nationality seeking “asylum” in that country, followed by invaders claiming to be Syrians, Afghanis, Sri Lankans and Somalians.


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