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5 Movies You Need to Watch For Writing Better Essays

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People have grown the desire to view certain things in action not just hearing. Videos have created a certain picture that you may fully stack in mind. These videos are a result of continuous images passing your mind and hence creating a permanent image. You may sit down in a cinema enjoying your good two or more hours watching. You also feel emotional, excited, scared, and more as happy as you watch your favorite actors.

Movies have many benefits that you need to be aware of. Movies make creates awareness, for instance, “teacher-student.” Such movies make you aware of issues like dyslexia. All in all, movies can entertain, educate, provide a thrilling experience, inspire, create laughter, be the best hangout for couples. Also, you may discover a sense of creativity and power of imagination by watching.

Movies that Help in Writing Better Essay

Dead Poets Society (1989)

This is the most famous watched film for English teachers and students. You may see in this film how the actor, Robin Williams, acts as a rebellious teacher. Though you may view as unrealistic but to some point, you may learn special things that help you to be good in English and majorly essay writing.

You can deduce certain vital symbolic and features used in writing essays by watching this film. You learn of the metaphor applied by professor Keating during his first day to alma mater. The script of the movie is well written and can be compared to other good scripts concerning linguistic features. You can also learn from the allusions, literal allusions and powerful quotes. These features help you grow in writing a better essay and keep your mind active in order to discover such features while watching.

Finding Forrester (2000)

This is a film that you need to watch if you have not given your eyes and ears to it. The movie is a good illustration of genius nature and particularly of how Jamal Wallace clinches to the top to study law. As seen in the movie, Jamal scores highly in standard tests and indeed he is also a genius in writing. Jamal also shows the capability of good writing and good in court. You may also see how Jamal helped Clara to win the best author in Pulitzer-prize.

This is one of the films I would encourage you to watch. The movie helps you write a better essay and simultaneously improve language skills. The great potential in writing showed by Jamal is encouraging and educative. You, as a viewer, can be challenged to write a movie review that you have watched. You can produce a good review by watching the movie first and then by checking out some quality pre-written movie review. Also, having the creativity to deduce important features of writing about a film should work in this way. Thus, I encourage you to watch this film for better writing experience.

Here Be Dragons (2013)

This is another movie that can be viewed not only by the general public but also by students who are seeking ways to develop the critical thinking. The movie is about pseudoscience and in this way it encourages to think critically. This movie about dragons gives students criteria in critical thinking. For you to be able to think critically, I would recommend watching this documentary. Critical thinking encourages you to improve your mind’s ability to deduce vital information about writing.

You need to boost your thinking by watching this movie. You learn that knowledge and discoveries are gained through thinking critically and specifically. For instance, in writing a movie review, you need to specifically and critically analyze the specific parts of the film. You should try to watch movies that help you in thinking and boosting your knowledge.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)

This movie helps you in delivery of messages and how you can improve your way of portraying information. As seen in the movie, Jean-Dominique suffers from a stroke that leaves him with the ability to hear and see. The ability to see with one eye helps him in writing though blinking. You should watch this film since it is inspiring and also it can help you discover the way of delivering information.

Students should learn certain aspects in the film that will aid in writing better essays. Jean encounters stroke but after some time he receives devastating news shortly after he is from a comma. The delivery of a message is very important for both the communication process and for writing assignments.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

This is another movie of its kind that you would rather watch in order to improve your skills in effective learning. It is about genius Matt who acts as acre taker in university and is discovered by a Math professor. The movie encourages you to give it a try in everything concerning education and push over your capabilities. For you to write a good essay, you need to watch this movie, since your attitude as well as language skills will change for good.

Final notes

Writing a good essay can be achieved through watching movies. Though you may see movies as the process of entertainment and at the same time as a way to spend time for your education. Movies presented above give you different features that you can use in writing and also give you confidence and improve your critical thinking.

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