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4 Albums of 2017 You Should Listen to During Papers Writing

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Music is one way to calm someone’s thoughts. It can be lyrical or instrumental, but either way it still helps people think more clearly. Writing an essay is a bit hard especially if you are not inspired while writing. Listening to music while writing your ideas will be a great help because it will make you more focused and relaxed. It is also believed that when a person listens to music while writing it will boost one’s intellect and will inspire a person to write more about their thoughts freely.

One study also suggests playing classical music in order to calm the mind and be free from distractions, that way the author will be able to express his or her self through writing. Some do not agree with this idea because they believe that the brain is not capable of multi-tasking, which is not true. The parts of the brain that is responsible for reading and listening to music are two different parts, which means that it can be done simultaneously and will not cause stress to the brain.

The kind of music that one person should be listening to varies depending on the task that they are doing. If you will write an essay, you should choose a music that will soothe you. Upbeat music is not highly recommended because it can be a distraction instead of an inspiration. Writing is not such an easy task so it should be taken seriously and the author should be focused on the selection of words that he or she will be using. The preference of the author to the music that he or she will be playing while writing will play a big part in the writing process, so it should not be just anything. Below are some albums that one can listen to while writing your essay.

The first album is entitled Care by David Bazan. He is an independent rock artist and lead vocalist of the band called Headphones which is formerly known as Pedro de Leon. It was in early 2006 when he started recording under his own name. His album Care was released last March 7, 2017. The latest album showcases Bazan’s talent in songwriting and instrument playing. The songs are combination of instrumental, melodic and lyrical approach. The album tells story of personal experience and social observation. There are parts of his songs when he embodies female characters and the questions a female has in her mind about the friendship between a man and a woman. His song Disappearing Ink asks questions about the enjoyment of using drugs. The song delivers a message that is suitable for the problems that the world has right now. Whether it is asking a question to benefit the people who need answers or it is just his cryptic way to spread an advocacy.

Bazan is the kind of artist who is not afraid to be brutally honest in presenting his art to the world. His album Care emphasizes the relative connection between socialization and isolation at the same time. The cover image of his album is a man sitting in a lamp-lit desk on the right side and a pitch-perfect aesthetic empty room at the left side. The cover is black and white and can depict the loneliness of a person when they are alone. This album also tells the dark sides of falling in love, having a family and death. Listening to the lyrics of the songs will also make you realize that forever does not exist. The sadness of having a lover that will leave you in the end and the reality that everybody will be alone in the end will surely trigger the listeners of his songs.

In the end, Bazan’s Care album will make you realize that intimacy is not something that you force. He wants his listeners to fight for their intimate connections and tells everybody to just keep trying.

The second album is Swear I’m Good at this by Diet Cig. Diet Cig consists of two pop-punk artists who met in early 2014 and decided to form their band in September that year also. Their album Swear I’m Good at this is their first album and t came out earlier this 2017. The duo met in a music festival when Alex Luciano interrupted the drummer Noah Bowman just for a lighter. They said that the meaning behind their story is all about equality in gender. They wanted to show the people that it is okay for women to interrupt men while they are playing.

The title of the album speaks for itself. It acknowledges the effort of people who are not much appreciated. They also want their listeners to know that they are doing well. Diet Cig wants to prove that their music is worth listening. Their music can be loud, punk, pop, proud yet simple that can be easily understood and enjoyed by their listeners. The twelve songs in their album also display feminist gestures.

The songs inside their album are : Sixteen, Bite Black, Link in Bio, Maid in the Mist, Leo, Apricots, Barf Day, Bath Bomb, Blob Zombie, Road Trip, I don’t know her and Tummy Ache. Each songs tells a story and some of it are inspired from their personal experiences. Some of the stories their music tells can be as simple as rainy day spent at home or existential crisis. The subject matters are the things that the listeners can relate too. They make their lyrics as close to the reality so it can inspire all the people who will listen to it. The song lyrics may seem to have less emotion but the deeper meanings are what they are presenting to their listeners.

The two artists consider their music as empowering, rebellious, life-affirming and vulnerable because it promotes feminism. They aim for diversity and equal rights among all genders, and it inspires them to write their songs. Their lyrics are cute and simple but have a lot of meaning inside of it. They also mention in their song the struggle of women in wearing skirts. They wanted to quit the feminine stereotypes promote equality. The energy of their songs will surely give positivity to the listeners and their advocacy will win their hearts.

The third album is The Underside of Power by Algiers. Algiers is an experimental band that explores the dark side of music through their lyrics. The songs included in their album are Walk like a Panther, Cry of Martyrs, The Underside of Power, Death March, A murmur. A sign, Mme Rieux, Cleveland, Animals, Plague Years, A Hymn for an Average Man, Bury Me Standing and The Cycle/The Spiral: Time to Go Down Slowly. They believe that darkness and death will soon be paid off by redemption. The album was released June of year 2017 and was produced by Matador Record Label.

The album is a fusion of gospel and punk that challenges capitalists to be righteous with their acts. The Underside of the Power album is their second album and it struggles on promoting the fight for cruel and violence. The music they used is mostly electric and the subject matter will be considered mostly political. Its aim is to open up the mind of their listeners to the present situation that the people are experiencing right now. They also used their songs in this album to give the youth a message about using rap as a form of rally.

Algiers considers their songs as overstuffed because they put all the subjects they want to convey to their listeners. They do not aim for their album to a hit because they are aware that only few songs hit the charts. Their aim is to disseminate their content and make people realize that their songs are about life and death situations. They want to open the eyes and minds of their listeners about the present situations that make life hard for us.

The last album is CTRL by SZA. The theme of this album is mainly R&B and Neo Soul, it also has some indie rock attributes. The album has been released last September 2017 and it has already received praises for its chill vibe but still showcased the beautiful and strong voice of the singer Sza. The songs included in the album are Drew Barrymore, Love Galore and The Weekend. The singer also writes song for the most famous singers Rihanna and Beyonce.

Her album shows feminism and she wants women to listen to her song and realize that their body should not be the only thing that men will see in them. One of her songs also states the reality of a sexual relationship that revolves around sexual but still longs for intimacy. She also noted that the main subject matter of her songs is not about shame but about empowerment.

The four albums mentioned above are all written by independent singers who do not aim fame and money. Their songs tell stories and convey important messages for everybody to listen. The can be a very good inspiration in writing not just because of the songs but because of the stories behind it. If you are an author, a student, or anybody who wants inspiration, the songs in the albums mentioned above will surely inspire you and open your mind to new ideas.

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