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Your Best Vacation in Bali

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Your Best Vacation in Bali

Everyone who has spent their vacation in Bali, come back here with pleasure sooner or later in order to discover something new every time and allow themselves to re-look at this place.

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Bali can be considered a truly magical place but not because the heroine of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” found her love there, and not even because illustrious healers live on the island, to which thousands of tourists annually organize a pilgrimage.

This island is too different to be judged objectively, too unpredictable to give advice to beginners and too pretentious to be silent about at all. Even being on vacation in Bali for the third time and traveling around it once again, you will make sure that Bali vacation is the best one.

Change the scenario.

If you have already been on Bali vacation, try to change your familiar route. Turn your trip into an unexpected side, plunge into the nightlife of the island instead of visiting the usual spa salons and relaxed evenings at sunset; choose a bike instead of the peaceful trips by car, and exchange your beloved north with its authentic villages for, for example, Canggu with its numerous cafes, surf schools, various art studios and countless expats who has left their offices in the search for the hedonic satiety in the heart of Asia.

Anyway, the Kuta area is just very crowded now because of the tourists. In restaurants, you can easily ask for a menu in different languages, and every 20 meters on Legian (main street) you will be offered to make a tattoo at the lowest price. The once popular Sky Garden club is no longer the same. Cheap sweet cocktails, a playlist of 2013 and too much arrogant Australians, who want to get everything from their Bali vacations. The only place that is still good is Raggae Bar, where you can dance with your partner to the good old-fashioned songs “No Woman, No Cry” and “Is This Love” and drink a bottle of your favorite Bintang. The beaches of Kuta are not worth talking about, it is enough to say that they are far from the ideal image of the clean and transparent beaches that you expect from the Bali vacation cost.

Canggu District.

The Canggu District has been transformed beyond all doubt in the last few years. The best cafes with delicious breakfasts (for example, you can visit Poke Poke with Hawaiian cuisine and unusual design with swings inside), showrooms of local designers of clothes, jewelry, etc. In addition, the kilometers of surfing beaches, surf schools and even surf-workshops. If you live in Canggu and do not know what to do in the evening, then there are three interesting places, where you should go at least once.

  • Deus café-workshop.
    In the evenings, there is live music in the courtyard; on the menu is delicious salmon under creamy sauce with asparagus, and there are a lot of custom boards and bikes in the store of the cafe.
  • Old Man’s.
    It is the most cheerful bar in 100 meters from a beach where the most incendiary parties are arranged on the weekend. Friendly barmen will pour you a cocktail “on the house” with pleasure, you will necessarily meet people from your diaspora and finish this night somewhere on a beach without footwear, wading up to your waist in the water and singing your favorite song.
  • Pretty Poison.
    This place has already won the attention of all decent Europeans and Balinese. It’s not just a club, it’s a huge skate pool, where the advanced riders skate to the sets of the most fashionable DJs.

In addition to nightlife, there are many places to maintain a healthy lifestyle: yoga studios, organic food stores, spas and wellness centers. Just open the Internet and find the most suitable option for your tastes and expectations.

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