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Young Girls ‘Forced’ To Wear Hijab In State-Funded British Schools

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Islamic schools including those funded by the British government and private institutions are forcing children — some of whom are very young — to wear the Islamic Hijab as part of their uniform code.

The garment, which is designed to shield women from the lust of men, is heavily associated with conservative interpretations of the Islamic faith.

The revelations over children being forced to wear the shroud at school comes just weeks after a Transport for London road safety campaign featuring a child girl in a hijab was criticised and ultimately scrapped for “sexualising four-year-olds”.

The revelation comes from research by the National Secular Society, which has told the education minister that the hijab head covering is a compulsory item of school uniform for girls in 59 schools they are aware of across the United Kingdom, reports The Sunday Times.


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  • FeriSS.H

    This story is much more serious as it might sound at a first glimpse.

    Next is alarming – “publicly funded ISLAMIC schools” … and is it possible that autochthonous British children also attend such schools. If this relates to ISLAMIC schools with Muslim children ONLY, than I am puzzled with state-madness in FUNDING ALIEN RELIGIOUS schools, which literally means – ISLAMIC MADRASSAS.

    What about Christian schools … are there any in the UK … and are those schools also funded by the state. I hope no genuine NORMAL British parents would send own children in such nut-dens.

    In the other way it’s good for the purpose of Multi-Racial DISUNITY … which means enemies would remain distinctively recognizable, as Muslims have no intentions to integrate. Muslim integration would actually result with Christian integration in Islam. For the survival of Euro-People, it’s an imperative that Muslims NEVER integrate in European societies; hence both sides due to expected and eventually growing animosities would further division.

    Sooner or later, tensions would have to reach its critical point, when just a tiny spark would be sufficient for a major conflagration. The best ecological way for getting rid of trash is to incinerate it.

    Here is another pearl from Britanistan – “The British authorities have even threatened Orthodox Jewish schools with closure with the ultimatum: “teach your children about homosexuality and gender reassignment, or we will close you down.””

    British authorities – ??? … Who the hell are “British authorities” … are they Britt-Faggs or (((Long-Nose Rats))) … or the authorities are (((Long-Nose Fagg-Rats))) … the same GANG that rule SOVIET EUROPEAN UNION.

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