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West Europe to be Majority Muslim in 40 Years while Fools still Laugh at East

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Europe, you will pay demolition is on its way!

West Europe is ONLY 40 years from becoming MAJORITY MUSLIM, yet these arrogant circus clowns masquerading as modern people, still laugh at East European European countries for being “poor, corrupt, backwards, this and that, and bla bla bla!!!!!!!!!!!!” while pointing their dirty rotten fingers yet look at them, what is 40 years? In the vast timespan of history 40 years is NOTHING, it will pass as if its a day and then what? What will happen to them AFTER they become minorities? How will the invading Muslim majority treat them?

All of a sudden looks like countries such as Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia aren’t so bad after all. In fact it looks like these Eastern countries are PARADISE ON EARTH for the white man, compared to what the West is and what it will become soon.

What is there to be so proud about England or France for example? Almost daily terrorist attacks in France and massive grooming gangs in the UK? What about Germany and their Cologne New Year mass rapes? Damn! Those East European countries sure look like Heave now, don’t they?

Next time you wanna giggle when you hear one of those words “Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia”, stop and think again!

In 2006 Libyan tyrant Moamar Gaddafi told a Muslim audience that Islam will conquer Europe without firing a shot.

Muammar Gaddafi: “Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing a Shot… We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

Gaddafi also warned NATO and the West in 2011 that their actions in Libya will open up the gates of hell upon them:

Gaddafi was later killed by his own people during an uprising supported by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Now this…

It looks like Gaddafi was right.

A new study finds that Europe will be a majority Muslim continent in two generations or in 40 years.

The Washington Times reported:

Within 40 years, given current demographic trends, the white population in France and the rest of old Europe will recede, creating a Muslim majority, a French researcher says.

Charles Gave, an economist, fund manager and political commentator, published his conclusions this month on the webpage of his think tank, Institute des Libertes. He writes of the “disappearance of the European populations” as native populations shrink and Muslims continue to exhibit a robust fertility rate.

Mr. Gave, president of Gavekal Research, acknowledges that his decidedly unpolitically correct view may bring him scorn and possibly censorship. The political left generally protects Islam from criticism. In the U.S., President Obama consistently defended Islam and mocked Christians for their criticism.

The paper, titled “The White Plague,” is dangerous, Mr. Gave said, “for my personal respectability and my chance to be heard in our beautiful democracy.”

The financier draws his conclusion from demographics. He assesses France’s white, or native, birthrate at 1.4 children per woman, compared with a Muslim rate of 3.4 to 4 children. France’s population today is 67 million. Unlike the U.S., France does not conduct a census on ethnic origin, but based on outside polling, some researchers, including Mr. Gave, believe the French population is already 10 percent Muslim, with 6.7 million people.


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