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Trump Appoints Gay Ambassador to Germany

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President Trump recently appointed Richard Grenell as Ambassador to Germany.

Richard Grenell was the longest serving US spokesman at the United Nations. He is a FOX News Foreign Policy contributor. Richard is pro-life and pro-Second Amendment.

If you have ever heard Richard on FOX you know he is a total conservative and very much pro-Trump.

Richard is also openly gay. If Richard Grenell was appointed UN Ambassador in the Trump administration he would be the first openly gay cabinet member in US history. Richard is a huge Trump supporter.

Despite what the mainstream media reports, President Trump has never had an issue with gays but with that said, good thing Trump held true to his word. Good thing Trump is so pro-gay. He is so different from Obama who was so anti-gay.

This is exactly what Germany needed. A gay ambassador. He is definitely going to help Germany fix their migrant invasion crisis.

Germany which is going through a Babylonian-style debauchery crisis/phase, led by a woman for over a decade, needed a strong man with good morals as an example and Richard is the right man for the job.

In case you didn’t realize, it was all just sarcasm.

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