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New study Finally Admits Fluoride DUMBS DOWN Your Kids by Lowering IQ

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According to a new CNN article, fluoride dumbs children down by lowering their IQs! Alex Jones was right after all! Well the solution is easy, just buy water filtration systems that specifically claim to stop fluoride, then take a small sample of the filtered water to a lab or you can test it out yourself with a specialized kit. If the filter is good and truly retained fluoride, then problem solved!

Government organizations like the FDA will put a hard stop to any device, medicine or treatment program that doesn’t come from big pharma, citing “health concerns.” Yet when it comes to dumping tons of chemicals in the water, pesticides and chemical preservatives in our food, and putting out dangerous, barely tested drugs on the market, their philosophy is more like “meh, let’s try it and see what happens!”

For decades now, a lot of people have been complaining about the fluoride being put in every city’s water supply under the guise of “preventing cavities.” This is nothing less than forced medication of the entire US population.

Anyone saying that maybe fluoride has negative side effects is shouted down as a “pseudo-scientist” who wants kids to get more cavities.

Well, as it turns down, fluoride is making our kids more stupid.

Too bad every single mother in America is forced to ingest a vast amount of fluoride through the public water supply, though. Even bottled water often contains fluoride, so there’s basically no way to escape it unless you’re researching each brand to make sure you’re getting the good stuff.

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One Response to " New study Finally Admits Fluoride DUMBS DOWN Your Kids by Lowering IQ "

  1. chris price says:

    Well it seems there is a fair amount of scaremongering going on In Fact since Community Water Fluoridation has been used I.Q levels in the U.S.A have gone up 15 points,

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